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Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Black Knight Satellite Destroyed?

2/28/16  2:33 PM CDT.
 Repetition Phenomenon

The Black Knight Satellite and Pepsi Timeline:

1) On Monday night 2/22/16 I was channel surfing and ran across a show called (NASA's Unexplained Files) on the Science channel

I decided to watch it even though it was an episode from  March 11 (2014).

One of the segments was about the UFO called (The BlackKnight).  

I was not aware of this mysterious and yet to be defined UFO called (The Black Knight).

Apparently it has been around for decades. I made a note of it on my notepad. 

I didn't give it anymore thought until...

2) Wed. 2/24/16. I was online and tuned into a podcast called
(Truthfunders) with hosts Mark Schwartz and Art Webb.
It is broadcast on the Inception Radio Network. I have been a guest on their show in the past.

I have not listened to their show in the last few weeks. I decided to tune in this night. (Coincidence???)

Within moments of tuning in (8:55 PM CST.) they start talking about same (The Black Knight) UFO that I had just watched on the program (NASA's Unexplained Files) on this past Mon. Night 2/22/16. 

A video about this (Black Knight) UFO produced by Pepsi was mentioned. Which was also new news to me. 

Note: Posted a Dream in which the Pepsi logo appeared earlier that morning (2/24/16). You can fact check this on the Dreamcognition Blog Archives. 

I jotted this second (Black Knight) UFO encounter with date and time on my notepad. 

Now onto my most recent (Black Knight) coincidence encounter.

3) Sat. night (2/27/16). I decided to tune in to another online podcast show I was recently a guest on called (Spaceboy Universe) with hosts Spaceboy and Surlana. Their show airs live on Sat. night at 9 PM Central. You can go to their archives and listen to past shows. Mine was number (021). 

Their guest was Dave Cruz...Host of (Beyond the Strange) which airs on Sunday nights at (6pm) Pacific time.

I just happen to tune in at (10:09 PM CST.) as Dave Cruz, Spaceboy and Surlana were talking about (The Black Knight) UFO/ Satellite and this same Pepsi Video.

Another Coincidence??? What are the odds I would tune into  both of those Podcasts at the moment the subject is (TheBlack Knight)? And both brought up the Pepsi Video after the 2/24/16 Dream post. 

Why do you think the Subconscious (Inner Guide) wants my attention on the mysterious (Black Knight) UFO/ Satellite at this time??


1) It is possible we are about to find out exactly what (The Black Knight) is. That discovery would probably break the internet. That news would be high profile. This news could also be close. We might find out within 2016. Maybe sooner and maybe slightly later. Or other Black Knight News.

Maybe someone will get a clear photo or video of (The Black Knight) Or could the International Space Station report something?  Not limited to those suggestions. 

2) We might also get a separate high profile news story about or connected to (Pepsi) the popular Soft Drink brand within 2016.
Or the Pepsico Company that owns many other name brand drinks and fast food outlets etc. Not run of the mill news. Something significant. 

It is interesting how Pepsi is connected to (The BlackKnight) UFO/Satellite with this video. Is there more to it than to promote Pepsi? 

Maybe we will get some further significant information about this relationship and why the Pepsico company made this video. 

It is always possible this will lead to nothing. That is rarely the case with these Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon (CRP) Posts. Like the Precognitive Dreams that are posted daily, sooner or later they manifest in reality and make sense. 

We will see.

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