2/15/17/ This could turn into much bigger Idaho News. 

Dozens of dead owls showing up on Idaho highway

Over the weekend, Nichole Miller and Christina White were driving home to Boise from Twin Falls when they spotted the dead birds on the highway.
“I saw a bird on the side of the road -- I thought it was a chicken,” Miller told the station. “But then we saw more (road kill) and I saw the stripes on the feathers and it was not a chicken.”

Original Idaho Repetition Phenomenon Below:

1/04/17   8:50 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Idaho

Timeline :

1) 12/28/16/ Wed.

Was in a conversation with my good Friend George and he uses the State of Idaho as an example of some place he would like to live. I asked why he chose Idaho. It had something to do with Steve McQueen.  I decided to jot Idahodown to see if it would start repeating. (2:40 PM CDT.)

2) 12/29/16/ Thurs.

Watching a Ben Stiller movie called (While Were Young).Idaho is mentioned at (10:42 PM CDT.)

3) 1/01/17/ Sun.

Channel Surf and see movie Title (Jackpot). I decide to look up if there is a location called Jackpot. When I do I realize it is in Nevada very close to Twin Falls Idaho. (12:34 AM CDT.)

4) 1/03/17/ Tues.

Watching the new Netflix Time Travel Series (Travellers) Episode 9. Idaho is mentioned at 2:08 PM CDT.

5) 1/4/17 Wed.

Watching the (1967) Movie (Cool Hand Luke) which I recorded earlier in the evening. I notice an actor I decide to look up online. His name is J.D. Cannon.
He is the only actor I look up from this movie. I find out why.He was born in (Salmon Idaho) (12:48 AM CDT.)

Is this why I watched (Cool Hand Luke) tonight, that just happen to be on Turner Classic Movies ? 

I have seen this movie many times. This is the first time I looked up J.D. Cannon. I remembered him from the (70's) TV series (McCloud). 

It sure seems like the subconscious wants my attention on the State of Idaho


A) The Area Code for the entire State of Idaho is (208). Sometimes the Inner Guide will show a State Name in repetition so that I pay attention to the (3) digit area code. It is possible that some combo of these (3) digits (208) could manifest into a near future Florida Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot combo. 

B) It is also possible that this is a heads up to a High Profile News story about or connected to the State of Idaho that could manifest within 2017.

An incident of some nature could somehow affect the entire State of Idaho. A major power outage or blackout is one example. Not limited to this. 

Or a town or City within the State of Idaho could attract major news media due to a major incident that happens.

There is an Earthquake Fault line Called the (Sawtooth Fault) located near Stanley Idaho in the Sawtooth Mountain range. 

It is possible a good sized Quake could rattle all or part of Idaho within 2017 due to a rupture of the Sawtooth Fault. 

I imagine the surrounding States could be affected in some manner. 

Of course an Earthquake could manifest that has nothing to do with the Sawtooth Fault. The epicenter could occur in some part of Idaho

Not limited to an Earthquake. 

There is only one Military Base in Idaho. Mountain Air Force Base. Some incident could happen at this location. 

I could continue speculating about what could happen inIdaho. Maybe nothing at all. The repetition might be nothing but a coincidence. 

It is possible something else could start repeating that might be connected to what could happen in Idaho

May update this Post on Idaho later.

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