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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Friday, February 3, 2017


2/03/17/ Is this the High Profile Seattle Washington News the Inner Guide was wanting my attention on? This is Huge Global News. 

Federal judge in Seattle temporarily halts Trump’s immigration order nationwide

Original Seattle Repetition Phenomenon Post Below:

1/20/17  5:07 AM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Seattle Washington Continued

Second Timeline:

1) 1/19/17 (Thurs.) Watching Jeopardy. Introduction of Contestants. Alex mentions contestant Neil is from Seattle Washington (4:36 PM CDT.)

2) 1/20/17 (Fri.) Scan Netflix for something to watch and run across a film with Nicolas Cage called (Dog Eat Dog). Decide to watch it.  Seattle Washington is mentioned at 12:52 AM CDT.

3) 1/20/17 (Fri.) Visit an online radio program called Coast to Coast to see what the topic is tonight. (I don't visit this site with consistency). The First thing I see is an article with the caption (The Merfolk of Seattle) and a photo of a Mermaid. (12:56 AM CDT.)

4) 1/20/17 (Fri.) Woke from Sleep at 3: 30 AM CDT. Can't get back to sleep. I decide to watch TV. I flip on CBS Late Night News. I watch this while I channel surf to see what else is on.

I notice that the (1982) film (An Officer and a Gentleman) is going to start soon. I decide to watch this until I doze off. 

I saw this film when it came out in (1982). I have caught it a few times over the years. A great film Starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger. Lou Gossett Jr. won an Oscar for his role as the hard nosed Drill Sgt. 

A few moments into the film Seattle Washington is superimposed on the Screen. (3:57 AM CDT.) I did not recall this from the previous past viewings of this movie.

Do you think something woke me up to catch this SeattleWashington Repetition from (Officer and a Gentleman)?

This last one motivated me to post this second cycle of Seattle Washington Repetitions. This is another (4) Seattle Washington Repetitions within a short time frame that manifested in those odd ways. It is like I was guided to encounter them.

This makes (8) total Seattle Washington Repetitions since they started on 1/18/17. Look back to yesterday's Seattle Washington  Repetition Phenomenon Post and read what this might mean.

Sure feels like a sense of urgency. I have been asking my Subconscious for what could happen there. 

Has to be some reason Seattle Washington is repeating like this.  

Or maybe it's just a coincidence.

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