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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


2/08/17   8:26 PM CDT

Tigers, Cheetah, lioness running loose around a neighborhood Dream

Very real and interactive Dream 

My Dream Character was delivering a package to a Home in this nice neighborhood. The last name on the package was (May)

I rang the doorbell and sat the package on the stoop and exited.

I heard the door open behind me. A Female voice exclaimed to someone that the package arrived. She sounded excited.  

My DC started walking down the street when I noticed a large cat walking my direction. I froze until it came into view.

It was a Cheetah. I could feel my pulse rate go up.

I saw a little girl playing in her yard and became concerned the Cheetah might attack her.

Then I heard some commotion behind me. I turned to inspect to see two very large Bengal Tigers walking down the street from the opposite direction of the Cheetah. For a brief moment one of the Tigers raised up and walked on it's hind legs. Like you would see in a Circus or a Vegas type act. 

A Woman and her Child were walking by on the sidewalk. I made a sound to get the Woman's attention. She looked my way.

I told her she needed to get her child and get into her house now. I pointed at the Tigers. She picked up her child and exited. 

My attention went back on the Cheetah and the little girl in the yard. A woman (probably the Mother) grabbed the little girl and ran into their house. 

Then I noticed another big cat emerge into my POV. It was a lioness. She looked like she was ready to pounce on the Cheetah.

Before any attack action took place the Dream Faded. 

What could this mean

1) Very possible this is a heads up that some exotic animals break free of their enclosures and roam around a neighborhood terrifying people. (The Neighborhood in the Dream felt like the USA/ But that does not mean an incident like this would be limited to a USA Neighborhood) or that an incident like this would be limited to a Neighborhood. 

They could escape from a Zoo, a circus, or one of those exotic animal Sanctuaries. It's possible these animals are being transported by Truck, Train etc. and an accident sets them free. Not limited to those suggestions.

Although I was shown specific animals (Tigers, Lioness, and a Cheetah) other animals could also escape and be reported. 

Has to be some reason the DW was so specific on these Big Cat species.

An incident like this would more than likely be caught on video and also be covered by major news sources. A video would probably go viral. This could happen soon or within 2017. Maybe later. 

2) The DW spliced all of these Big Cat species into one Dream Sequence to get my attention on them.

It is possible that separate news incidents dealing with each animal could manifest. One on Tigers. one on a Cheetah, and one on a Lioness within 2017. Not run of the mill news. 

3) A news report could develop about a community where it is legal to own exotic animals. These animals are treated like family pets and are taken for walks etc. like a dog owner would do. 

Those are a few suggestions as to what this very real Dream Sequence could mean. Not limited to any of those. 

It could be something else. 

The name or word (May) on the Package Dream Fragment:

The Dreamweaver had my Dream Character deliver this package to someone with the last name of (May). 

Maybe for a time frame. As an example: The exotic animal incident could happen in the month of May. 

Someone with the first or last name of May might become the Center of a headline news story in the near future or within 2017.

It might have to do with a package. Something in this package. 

The (UK) Prime Minister's last name is May. (Theresa May)
 Someone could deliver a suspicious package to the address of (UK) Prime Minister Theresa May. That would turn into major global news. 

Hopefully not a fatal package. Not limited to her. 

If more rises to the surface of my mind about this Dream Sequence I will update this post.

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