DC = Dream Character  DW = Dreamweaver LR = Lotto Rules
 Note: Keep in mind, 99% of the time when the Dreamweaver shows images of people who have passed on(Celebs and People I know etc) the future result will more than likely be Fla. Lotto connected. Always possible that news of some nature could also evolve.

Lotto Rules: Read Carefully as it pertains to dreams: Note: The last (2) Birthdays of Celebs and or people I know could be connected to near future Florida Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 win combos that could hit within the next 30 days in any combination of the digits. (Example: Person's last two bday's of 1/01/2013 and 1/01/14)

The actual Bday and Birth year should be inclusive plus what hit on their last bday according to the Florida Lotto
 Archives.(You can look up their Birth years if needed) In addition: Keep in mind past addresses and phone numbers(personal and business) might also be inclusive. 

NEW: In addition the first or last name or both, of a person I know or celeb(within a dream) could be leading to news involving some one with that very same first or last name and have nothing to do with the actual person the DW conjured up.

The Lotto Echo Effect:

Also keep in mind that Pick 3 and Pick 4 Jackpots that hit a year ago: Example  (Oct. 6, 2013)...Could hit again within the same month of the new year in the same way or in a different Combo. Happens many times.

Note: It is always possible (in some cases) that the Birthdays connect to the last 3 years instead of the standard 2 years.

2/28/17  11:32 AM CDT.

 Former Telephone lineman (Ken) born 10/8 or 10/08
Note: Second Dream of Ken since the 2/14/17 post that has produced no news or lotto results that I could identify. Something could be very close to manifesting.

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (108) to possibly hit as a Pick 3 Jackpot or (1008) to possibly hit as a Pick 4 Jackpot within 30 days. Include Pick 3 and Pick 4 prior Jackpots from 10/08/15 & 10/08/16 that could hit in any combo within the next 30 days. Year of birth (1940) is Fla. Lotto Eligible in any combo. His address  and phone digits (1815/9752/9419) are Fla. Lotto eligible and could hit in any combo within 30 days. (506) is a special (3) digit number to Ken which is also Fla. lotto Pick 3 eligible.

Have known Ken for many years and have had no 
contact with him in a long time. He trained at my gym for many years. We were also training partners.

99.9 % of the time when the DW conjures up Ken it is Fla. Lotto related. 

Always possible I could hear news about or connected to him in the near future. I could be out and have a chance encounter. Would be rare for him to call me etc.

Special Note: The last (3) of Dreams about Ken coincided with (3) major incidents which became big news in our area. Those happened on the Street he lives. A major drug bust. a drive by shooting and the Home invasion of a Woman who was held prisoner and raped. Rare things to happen in his neighborhood. These incidents occurred within days of those Dreams. One was on the same day as the Dream. The shooting was a few doors down from his home.

It is possible this Dream could be a heads up to another incident on the Street where he lives. (maybe)


The DW conjured up another gym scenario. (Makes the second time in two days)

Ken and my Dream Character had finished working out in what felt like my past gym.

We walked into a store that was next door to the gym.

It was a hardware type store that carried food items as well.

Ken and I walk in an notice the place looks in shambles.

Suddenly a young male employee comes running toward us. He said there was a large Moose loose in the building. 

About that time a loud crash from the back of the store gets our attention. 

I mention to Ken and the employee that we need to guide the Moose out of the building. 

I pick up a piece of pipe. I told Ken etc. that I was going to get it's attention with this and that they needed to stand outside and hold the door open so the Moose will have a way out. 

They exit to hold the door. I walk about midway and can see the Moose's Antlers. I throw the pipe it's direction.

The Moose appears in the aisle. It is enormous and begins moving my direction. I run and I can hear it picking up it's pace. 

Instead of running out the door I dive to my right behind a row of shelves. I figure the Moose will go right out the door.

Wrong. I heard it stop. I look up and over my shoulder from the floor. This giant Moose was now snorting and staring me down. I could feel my heart racing. The Dream faded. 


I can't recall ever having a real Moose encounter. This dream satisfied that. This was so real. I could smell this animal.

You don't realize how massive these animals are. 

This is the way the DW got my attention on Ken and this Moose.

I don't expect anything like the Dream to occur to me or Ken. Unless a Moose finds it's way down to Florida. That would be rare. 

Moose news stories do manifest from time to time.

This could be a heads up to one more. It is possible a Moose barges into a Business and creates chaos. More than likely it would be caught on video. That video could go viral. 

Not limited to that scenario. We could get a high profile Moose story that is nothing like the Dream. Moose would be in News Headlines.

Has to be some reason the DW wants my attention on a Moose.  

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