2/17/17/ This is shocking and true. Is this the result of the Target Store Dream? Possibly. I did specify Target Stores. 

Florida man arrested for plotting to bomb Target stores so company's stock would plunge

Original Target Store Dream Below:

 May 16/ 8:13 PM

Target Store and (ALL) Laundry detergent Fragment

My DC was a customer at what I felt was a Target Store. I shop at Target from time to time. I have not been in the local store for maybe 5 or 6 weeks. I know the layout and that is why I suggest the store my DC was in was a Target store.

It may have been some other type store like Target.
This Heavy Set Ethnic (I think Hispanic) woman (I do not know) seemed upset she could not find the Laundry Detergent she likes. I could hear her complaining to an employee. Her accent was thick, but I could understand her. The male clerk was cordial but he did not seem to know what she was talking about. 

My DC stepped up and pointed toward the opposite direction.
I told her what she was looking for was over there. That is when I noticed this entire section of the store was stocked with 
(ALL) Laundry Detergent plus other products with (ALL) on them. Several types of different (ALL) products. Specifically (ALL). No other Brands. 

She was so thankful. Dream ended.

Such a real and life like dream. (Like most of them, but some seem more real than others at times).

 If it was a Target Store, then we could get a newsworthy headline making report about or connected to Target store or the entire Chain. (Will it be hacked again??) Or will some chaotic scene occur within a single Target Store and have to do with Racism. Also Possible.  Not limited to those suggestions.

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