Georgia boy battling cancer learns to fly like Superman

Original Superman Post connected to (343) Rep. Phenomenon Below:

1/13/17  5:18 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ 343

Special Note: Very possible some combo of these (3) digits could hit as a Florida Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo within 30 days

Timeline of the most recent (343) Repetitions: Starting from most recent Rep.

1)1/13/17 (Fri.) The most recent repetition happened this morning.

Something nudged me out of Sleep (I'm not sure what/Eerie and not the first time I have had this experience).
I got up and looked at the clock. It was (3:43 AM CDT.)
Apparently something wanted me to get up and notice the time.

2) 1/12/17 (Thurs.) 

Went on You Tube to research something. I noticed the running time of the video was (3:43)

3) 1/12/17 (Thurs.)

Had the word (Halo) repeat. (Note: will post this Rep. Phenom later)

So I search (Halo) as to what it could mean.

The first thing that pops up is information about the Sci Fi Video game titled (Halo) which is produced by (343) industries.

Notice how looking for one thing led to another.

I think that sample of repetitions is convincing.

Based on many Repetition Phenomenon experiences

Whenever I have (3) quick reps I make a post. Usually this means something is close to manifesting. 

This could mean Fla. Lotto Pick 3 result soon.

I use to number the Posts when the Blog first started in 2007.

Based on this same experience the Inner Guide may be showing (343) for this reason and to get my attention to what was posted then because one or more of those might repeat soon. 
# 343 had the two titles with summary prediction posts.

Superman and Avalanche

Very possible one or both of these could become high profile headline news in the near future. Not run of the mill news if either manifest. 

There have been a number of Avalanche news stories because of the harsh winter weather, but nothing real significant.

The same with Superman. We could get a very interesting high profile news story about or connected to Superman in some manner. 

Always possible (343) could make news headlines in some other manner. 

A number of people that are affected by something.
The identification number of a vehicle or aircraft in a high profile incident. Etc. Not limited to those suggestions. 

Most of these Repetition Phenomenon usually make sense within short time frames. 

Always possible that this is nothing but a coincidence and nothing will manifest. 

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