2/06/17/ Keep in mind, this is considered a (Rare) Snow Event for Seattle.

Rare snow shuts Seattle area schools, cuts power for 100,000

1/19/17  1:08 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Seattle Washington

Timeline: Started yesterday 1/18/17

Keep in mind: I do not look for these is like I am guided to them.

1) (8 PM CDT.) Was Channel Surfing last night and run across a movie called (Blackway) on the (Showtime Network). I read the summary and noticed a good crop of actors (Anthony Hopkins, Ray Liotta, Julia Stiles). I decide to watch it. 

Within the film Seattle is mentioned a couple of times. I decide to jot this down on my notepad to see if it leads to anything.

2) The Second Seattle repetition happened at (9:43 PM CDT.)

I was checking out what was new on (Netflix) which I have not checked in a few days. I ran across a film title and summary called (Countdown). 

I stopped to look at this and noticed it showed one still and then faded to another of a envelope with an address on it.

(5576) Seattle Washington. I thought how odd because I have not noticed another movie or TV series on (Netflix) displayed like this. Another Seattle Washington Rep manifests within a very brief time frame.

3) 1/19/17. 12:10 AM CDT. Decide to watch a (2010) movie I recorded earlier in the evening on 1/18/17 called (Jack Goes Boating) Starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

Within the dialog one of the Characters states he was off to Seattle Washington. 

4) 1/19/17. At 2:11 AM CDT. I decide to watch a program I recorded on 1/15/17 (The Sundance Channel) called (The Hollywood Reporter/ The Directors). It was a round table discussion with Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone, Denzel Washington, Damian Chazelle, Barry Jenkins and Mira Nair.  They were talking about their many good and bad experiences as Directors. It was very interesting. Note:Notice the (211) again.

When commercials come on I usually speed by them. But I missed doing this on one specific ad. It was a Travel Ad to Visit (Seattle Washington). It jumped out at (2:39 AM CDT.).

Seems I was suppose to watch this program that I recorded on 1/15/17 now. 

That was the last Seattle Repetition I've encountered.

You can see it appears something wants my attention onSeattle Washington. It was shown (4) times in these odd and interesting ways within 6 hours. Feels like a sense of urgency. 

What could this mean

I could only speculate on why Seattle

Seattle Washington could become the center of a High Profile News Story within a short time frame. At least within 2017. Seattle or Seattle Washington would be in News Headlines.

It would have to be something that Major News Sources would Deem significant and not run of the mill. 

Examples: Earthquake or Quake and Tsunami,  Mass Shooting, Major Storm and Flooding, Plane Crash, Major Blackout or power outage, Not limited to those suggestions. 

If a Volcano like Mount St. Helens or Mount Rainier had a rare eruption the smoke from that incident could affect Seattle in some manner. 

The recent Seattle Space Needle Repetition Phenomenonhad rapid results. Look back and read those results.

It is possible the Space Needle could become the center of headline news again in the near future. 

 Seattle Washington Area Code 206

Sometimes the Subconscious will use this Repetition Phenomenon to get my attention on the area code connected to the location repeating for Florida Lotto Purposes.

Which could mean some combo of (206) could hit as a Florida Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot within the next 30 days. 

It will be interesting to see what may manifest from this Seattle Washington Repetition Phenomenon.

Maybe nothing at all. Which means it's just a coincidence. 

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