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Monday, February 20, 2017


2/20/17  3PM CDT.

Two Dreams in a row of Next Door Neighbors Moving/ Address (610) 

Special Note:
Very possible some combo of these (3) digits could hit as Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot in the near future or 30 days. This may be why the DW conjured the Dreams up.

In addition: 
These are the Neighbors that own the orange tabby Cat (O'Malley). Read This morning's Whoopi Goldberg Dream about this same Cat. 

On 2/19/17/Yesterday(Sun.)

The DW showed me a Moving Van backed up in their Driveway that was loaded with furnishings etc. The vision faded. 

Today 2/20/17/ Mon.

Two elderly Women were attending what looked like an open house next door at (610).  I walked over and looked in a screened window.

The room I looked into was empty.  Then I noticed the two elderly Women walk into this Room being led by another Blond middle aged Woman in business attire. She must have been a realtor.

Then I went around to the front yard to see if there was a Realty (Real Estate) for sale sign. I did not see one. I was puzzled. The Dream faded. 

Has to be some reason the DW has shown two Dreams back to back that suggested something was going to change for my Neighbors at (610)

I have also had a couple of Dreams that the Neighbors at (614) on the other side of my Home were going to move or have some change there as well. 

Only time will tell what these two recent Dreams mean. 

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