2/20/17 5:11 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ The Matterhorn

Special Note: Has repeated as the Disney Amusement Ride Attraction and the World Famous Mountain in the Alps. 


1) Wed Eve. (2/15/17) Watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Guest Gwen Stefani was talking about taking Boyfriend Blake Shelton on his first trip to Disneyland. He was afraid of the Roller Coaster (The Matterhorn). 

The way she inflected (Matterhorn) triggered me to jot it down on my notepad to see if it would start repeating.

2) Mon. (2:03 AM CDT.)  (2/20/17) Watching a show called (America Fact or Fiction on the (American Heroes Channel). A great show on USA Myths etc.

Special Note: I just started watching show. Have seen it advertised in the past. Was channel surfing for something to watch and was guided to this show plus another show on this Channel called (What History Forgot/ another very good show)

This Segment is on the real history of American Amusement Parks.

One segment is on the how Disneyland got it's real start. In this Segment two rides are mentioned (It's a Small World) and (The Matterhorn)

3) Mon. Afternoon (2/20/17)Watching Jeopardy

 The Matterhorn (The iconic Mountain in the Alps) is an answer/question etc. (4:50 PM CDT.)

That was the most recent Matterhorn repetition. I felt I should post this now.

What could it mean

It is possible two things could manifest from this:

We could get a High Profile news story about or connected to the actual world famous Mountain (The Matterhorn) located in the Swiss Alps. Actually on the Border of Switzerland and Italy.

That news (if any) could manifest within the next 6 months or within 2017. Maybe later.

If news does evolve expect it to be significant and very newsworthy. Not run of the mill. 

Possible events could range from a massive avalanche which could be fatal or damaging in some manner to a major mountain climbing accident. Not limited to those ideas.

The Matterhorn Roller Coaster Amusement ride 

Located at Disneyland/ California

It is also possible that this very popular Roller Coaster could become the center of High Profile news within the next 3 months or within 2017. (Maybe later)

If anything significant happens on or to this Disneyland Roller Coaster you can bet major media will be all over it.

Possible events could range from it stopping and stranding a number of riders to one of the bobsled carts jumping the track and sending riders to injury or something fatal. Not limited to those suggestions. 

Since the subconscious has shown the repetitions as both the Disney attraction and the world famous Mountain, it is possible News incidents could happen to or at both locations. 

Additional thought:

Matterhorn could make headline news and it has nothing to do with the Disneyland Roller Coaster or the iconic Mountain.

Something else that carries the (Matterhorn) name could manifest in the near future. 

Of course all of this could be a coincidence and nothing at all will manifest in regard to Matterhorn. 

The interesting Experiment in Precognition continues. 

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