2/10/17/ This will become Huge Global News

First transgender doll on the market is based on Jazz Jennings


Original Jazz Repetition Phenomenon

6/13/16  4:34 PM CDT.

Coincidence Repetition PhenomenonJAZZ (Repeating)

The word or possibly name (JAZZ) started repeating after it was shown to me in 6/09/16 Dream.

I did not post the Dream Fragment on that day. I did put it on one of my Dream Watch Boards. 

I have not recorded every JAZZ encounter on my notepad...because there have been so many. High frequency!

The reason I am posting (JAZZ) today:

I decided to take a late lunch. Was so busy putting new dreams and today's Lotto/Dream connected.. Fla. Lotto Jackpots on the Dreamcognition Blog that I had not taken time to eat. I rarely feel hungry when I am doing this activity. 

The reason I took the late lunch...might be for the following reason:

6/13/16 (Mon).(Today)

Left my House at (3:19 PM CDT.)...Started to stop by the Post Office and decided to bypass.

Turned Right on Hwy. 77 and drove thru 5 green lights...which is very rare. (Do you think something was helping me to my destination?)

I decide to go to McDonald's. I sit in my car for a moment to jot some info on my notepad...three digit numbers I caught on the way to McDonald's to see if any hit tonight on the Fla. Lotto Cash 3 game or if any are also connected to recent Dreams.

I go in at (3:23 PM CDT.). Place is not busy at all. I get my order quickly.

I go over and sit in the TV area. CNN is on about the Orlando Club Shootings. I sit in the booth to the right of the TV.

The Booth I usually like to sit it is occupied. (The TV is in front of this booth)

I began eating. I am half way watching the TV and in a Trance.
This older male walks by me talking very loud on a Cell Phone. 

He sits two booths to my left. Suddenly he starts talking even louder. I could tell some people trying to listen to the TV were getting annoyed. 

The he starts talking about some incident that happened on (JAZZ) Drive locally. He states (Jazz) more than once in a very loud tone and then he states (no I said (JAZZ)... you know spelled J-A-Z-Z.. Yeah...JAZZ Drive.. (3:33 PM CDT.)

What are the odds...??? Do you think something wants my attention on the Word or Name (JAZZ) ?

Then it is like his tone softened. He started talking lower. Until a three digit number comes up. (101) loud (3:36 PM CDT). He said (101) two to three times loud to whoever he was talking to on the phone. Must have been a bad connection or someone hard of hearing.
(But maybe one or the other had to be this way for me to hear those potential clues...or mere coincidences)

His tone went down again. Until 3:42 PM CDT. He starts talking (loud) about (Pit Bulldogs) and someone he knew who raised them for fighting. Right after he said this to the other party on the phone...apparently they did not want to talk to him about this...because the phone call ended. 

I exited and left at (3:45 PM CDT.)

I do feel something wants my attention on the name or word (JAZZ). Not run of the mill...something high profile. The Subconscious rarely shows me something that will turn out general in nature. I also feel that revelation could be close. Maybe this Summer... or within 2016...maybe in early 2017.


1) There is an NBA team called the Utah (JAZZ). Game (5) of the exciting NBA finals is tonight. The Golden State Warriors could win another NBA championship tonight. They are up 3 to 1 over Cleveland. 

So could the Inner Guide be giving me a heads up to some future news about or connected to the NBA team the UtahJAZZ?  Could this team be contenders in next season? Or could something else about or connected to this team become headline news?

2) Jazz Jennings is the transgender teen that has become a national celebrity. Also possible...that she could become the center of near future high profile newsworthy story about or connected to her. 

Jazz Festival  There are a number of these that take place in the US and around the globe. One of the larger or more popular Jazz Concert Festivals could be affected by something. 

A storm. A lone wolf gunman or terror attack. An accident (Stage or scaffolding collapse) etc. Not limited to those suggestions.

Those are a few ideas off the top of my head. Not limited to those (Jazz) suggestions.

It will not surprise me to see the name or word JAZZ make headline news in the not too distant future. 

Of course...maybe the man at McDonald's today mentioning JAZZ drive was the result of the Dream and nothing more may manifest in regard to the word or name. 

Unless some major local news will occur somewhere on JAZZ Drive. I did some research...Jazz Drive is primarily a business area. Insurance companies and Doctor's offices. I don't think there are any residential homes on that Drive. It is called Jazz Drive because at the end of the street is or was a Jazzercise business. 

One of these businesses might become newsworthy soon.  

These repetition encounters that are triggered by a Dream...99.9 % of the time manifest into something tangible. 

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