2/14/17/ This is High Profile Disneyland News about a Fire on the property. This Disneyland News took less than (2) months to manifest from the original Disney Repetition Phenomenon. Could there be more to this Post? Read the entire post carefully.

7 people treated, 8 cars burn in Disneyland parking fire

ANAHEIM, Calif. — A fire started in Disneyland's main parking structure Monday that burned eight cars and caused seven people to be treated for smoke inhalation, authorities said.


12/22/16  11:07 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/Cinderella Castle/ Disneyland/Disney World

Timeline in reverse order Starting with most recent Repetition:

1) 12/22/16/Thurs.

 Spontaneously decided to visit the newly remodeled McDonald's in my area.
It had been some time since I dined at this location.

This McDonald's reopened for dining in Yesterday after being closed down awhile.

It was a major upgrade. Especially for the Kids Play area. It is indoors, spacious and a high tech fun zone. This addition will surely increase revenue for this McDonald's location. 

While I waited for my order I walked over to peer inside this play area through a large window. As I do this I notice a huge screen on the opposite wall. Suddenly the image of the famous Disney Cinderella Castle Icon emerges on the screen. (7:50 PM CDT)

2) 12/22/16/Thurs.

Earlier I had been watching an episode of Season Two of (Man in the High Castle) via Amazon Prime's Free 30 day trial.

I took a break and exited out of Amazon. This put me into position to see Harry Connick Jr's new talk show (Harry) in progress on the channel that I left the TV on when I went to stream Amazon etc. Note: I have only seen one other episode of Harry since it's debut in Sept.

Within moments of tuning in he brings out a guest named (James Monroe Englehart). They chit chat and eventually talk about James' recent Trip to Disney World. A photo (evening shot) is shown of James and his Wife with the CinderellaCastle lit up in the Background.

3) 12/19/16/ Mon.

I go online to look at an Entertainment News site called (Deadline) that I read from time to time. Not an everyday thing. 

When the site comes up on the home page the first thing I notice in the upper right side at the top is a photo of is theDisney Cinderella Castle with a caption underneath pertaining to the Film and television division etc. (9:14 PM CDT.)

4) 12/16/16/ Fri.

Go to check news stories on the MSN news site. The first thing I see as the home page comes up is a photo of theDisney Cinderella Castle. 10:38 AM CDT.

5) 12/14/16/ Wed. 

Went to lunch at a local McDonald's and to visit with a Friend.
He was already selected a booth to sit at. I was facing the drive thru lane from my POV. I had a sliver of window to peer out.

As we ate and chatted I would catch myself involuntarily glancing out this small area of window. 

This is where I first noticed the Cinderella Castle that started this Repetition series off.

At 3:13 PM CDT. I glanced out this window area to notice a decal of the Disney Cinderella Castle on the rear window of a mini van that had stopped in the drive thru line.

I jotted this down because of the odd way it occurred. I had a feeling it would start repeating. 

What could this mean:

Cinderella's Castle is a major symbol representing Disney

A) It is possible that the Cinderella Castle attraction at one of the Disney Amusement Park locations in the USA or abroad will become the center of an incident of some nature in the near future. Possibly within the remaining 2016 or later in 2017. It could happen through the Holiday period. 

I could only speculate on what could happen. 
Maybe a fire. Not limited to that suggestion. 

Anything major that happens about or connected at any of the Disney Amusement Park locations will draw major media attention.

Disney World Florida/ Disneyland California/ Disneyland Hong Kong/ Disneyland Tokyo/ Disneyland Paris etc. 

It is possible some other Disney Amusement Park Attraction could become the center of a high profile incident in the near future. Or something major could happen on a Disney Property Resort area that does not involve one of the attractions.

Think what happened at Disney World in Florida back in June of this year (2016) with the Shocking Alligator attack on the young boy. Hopefully nothing like that will ever happen again. 

Another possibility: We could get big news about or connected to The Walt Disney Company (Disney Enterprises inc) and many of it's holdings. Movie and TV production etc.Disney owns ABC as well. Some big changes might occur that will catch many off guard. Or something else shocking. Maybe a major Hack similar to what happened to SONY. 

The Inner Guide appears to want my attention on Cinderella's Castle for some reason.

I could be mis interpreting this...which does happen with this ongoing experiment on Precognition.

It is possible this a coincidence and nothing will manifest at all. 

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