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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


2/22/17  2:04 PM CDT.

Anchor's Aweigh (US Naval Academy Fight Song and US Navy Theme song) and Camp Pendleton Marine Base Dream

Setting: Daytime on a running course

My Dream Character was a contestant in some type of (what felt like a long distance) race. Maybe a marathon.

It was a race that took place over various nature terrain. Some part of it was on a dirt trail.

At the starting line I could hear the US Navy theme song (Anchor's Aweigh) being played by a live band. 

I recall glancing at the band members (in Military Uniforms) on the bandstand. 

It was loud and clear.

Then I heard (Welcome to Camp Pendleton) over a sound system. 

The race begins but I don't recall hearing a starting gun. 

I sprinted ahead of the pack feeling strong and vibrant. The weather was beautiful with low humidity. 

I recall looking down at myself. My DC was wearing pale yellow jogging shorts and a red tank top. White low top running shoes. White wrist sweatbands. 

Although I could not see it, I felt like I was wearing sweatband around my head, or a hat. 

My legs were white. (no tan). This did not feel like my physical self. It was someone else, but I could feel what they could feel.

This person was in great running shape. Never felt winded. It was like I got stronger as I ran. 

I was approaching a water location. I reached out and grabbed a small transparent plastic cup of water. I downed it but for some reason held onto the cup. 

Prior to the Dream fading I could feel the first beads of Sweat running down my forehead. 

Such a real experience. 

Summary and the (3) Dream Fragments that stood out:

The Race:

I have had a number of workout, exercise and running Dreams in the past. 

I would experience feelings in those areas of the body that I used in the Dream the next day.

Note: I have not felt anything in my legs today...yet. Sometimes muscles take a day or two to feel the result of exercise. 

Can't recall the last time I ran for exercise. No plan to start jogging or using a treadmill anytime soon. 

There has to be some reason the DW put my Dream Character in a Race or marathon. There is a name for these rigorous nature runs. 

Some running event, marathon, nature race, etc. has something go wrong and it becomes the center of major news headlines. It might involve US Marines and or US Navy Members. 

Maybe a US Marine represents Camp Pendleton in a High Profile sporting event. Major media could do a news segment on this Soldier. 

Camp Pendleton Dream Fragment:

It appeared the race took place on the well known Marine Base Camp Pendleton. (Located in San Diego California)

More than likely this was spliced into the Dream Sequence and will have nothing to do with an actual race at this location. (But it could)

It is possible we could get a high profile news story about or connected to Camp Pendleton US Marine Base in the next few months or within 2017. 

Examples of High Profile News:

One or more Marines could get injured or killed during a Military Exercise accident on the base. 

 Camp Pendleton Marines on Combat deployment overseas are hurt or killed. (Let's hope not)

A Scandal involving one or more Camp Pendleton Marines is made public. 

An active shooter scenario causes a Base Lock down. One or more might become victims of the shooter. 

A Helicopter or other type of vehicle accident results in Marine injury or fatalities. 

Not limited to those suggestions. 

Has to be a reason the DW wants my attention on Camp Pendleton Marine Base. This place could makes headline news soon. 

The Anchor's Aweigh (US Naval) Fight Song:

So why would the Dreamweaver play this specific iconic US Navy theme song?

It is possible this song becomes the center of headline news in the near future. Possibly within 2017 and maybe later.

If you read the lyrics then you should find this is a song about basically going to War. 

Another sign that World War 3 is nearing? 

Or something that may require US Naval Forces to Deploy into action somewhere on the Globe soon. 

This may involve carrying Marines to the area. Possibly US Marines from Camp Pendleton.

Has to be a reason the Dreamweaver wants my attention on Anchor's Aweigh (The US Navy Fight song).

Special Note (Long Shot): There was a 1945 Frank Sinatra/ Gene Kelly movie called (Anchor's Aweigh). Very possible something about or connected to this Film could make headline news in the near future. 

It is tough interpreting this type of Dream. I could be way off with my summary, but there will be aspects that are right on.

As non linear as these appear, they usually make sense and sometimes you have to read between the lines. 

Something else may come to mind. 

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