2/23/17  5:11 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon


The digits have been shown this way (1903) at least a dozen times in the last week. Heard them on Jeopardy again this afternoon.

Was watching (via DVR) an (American Heroes Channel) show earlier today called (America Facts vs Fiction) and (1903) was a one year examined. This episode was about famous U.S. Monuments. Makes you wonder why I chose this episode out of the (6) I had saved. 

Last night (2/22/17) around 11:14 PM I checked my Blog Page views for that moment and saw (1903) individuals were visiting.  

I have all of them listed with time and date. Too many to list all of them.  

 I Have researched events from this year. It is possible something that occurred in the year 1903 is about to repeat in the near future. Or an event that happened will be the subject of a Headline news story. 

An example would be the Wright Brothers Flight etc. Not limited to this single event. 

A combo of these (4) digits hit on 2/07/17 on the Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Midday game. A couple of weeks ago. 

Maybe these digits are going to hit again soon. Maybe as (1903)

Not 100 % those digits will hit again soon because they could be showing for some other reason. 

This might be a Coincidence.

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