10/03/16/ You never know how some of these Dreams are going to manifest into Headline News. How often does a Unicorn News story occur?

'It was hysterical, I will never forget it': Bride is thrown into the water from her 'UNICORN' as bizarre wedding photo shoot goes wrong

  • Sue Allegretta, from New Jersey, dressed up her horse for wedding photos
  • The stallion got excited and bride Sue was thrown into the water
  • Her gown, hairdo and bridal bouquet were all soaked

Plenty of women dream of a fairy tale wedding, which is perhaps why one bride decided to transform her beloved horse into a unicorn for her big day.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3819335/It-hysterical-never-forget-Bride-thrown-water-UNICORN-bizarre-wedding-photoshoot-goes-wrong.html#ixzz4M3UErNDw

Original Dream Below:

7/05/16  11:04 AM CDT.

In the Dream: Took place inside a small cafe.

On the sound system: The Song (Alone) by Heart Played in the Background.

My Dream Character, Inga and Tina were seated at a small round white table. 

I noticed that Inga was wearing a dark shirt with a white Unicorn on the front. Sparkly little colored Stars were  also on the shirt. 

They appeared young, healthy, fit and tan. As I remember them when we were an item. Both had shoulder length dark brown hair. 

We were in a conversation about life. How we thought when we were together...that it would be forever...then how quickly things changed.  

Then we grew silent as the song (Alone by Heart) became louder. The Dream faded.

Seems the Dreamweaver had a reason it spliced the Unicorn Shirt and this specific song (Alone) by Heart.


1) Strange as it may seem: I have made Unicorn posts in the past that turned into high profile Unicorn News stories. This could be one more. Maybe within 2016.

It could deal with an animal being photographed that resembles the mythical Unicorn. (These happen from time to time). 

Or it could be a unique Puff piece that major news sources pick up on. 

Unicorn could hold other meaning beyond the mythical creature.

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