10/12/16  2:05 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Top Gun

When most people hear (Top Gun) they think of the (1986) Tom Cruise mega hit film.

I have heard (Top Gun) dozens of times over the last two weeks.

In different ways and at different times etc. 

It always feels like something puts me in position to hear and or see these repetitions...which I coined as (Repetition Phenomenon) some years back.

Usually I would post dates and times in a timeline as an example.

To save time and alot of typing I decided to leave those off of this post. 

On 10/07/16: Watching (The Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon)
I hear Jimmy Fallon bring up (Top Gun) out of the Blue.

He told a story when he was on Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin in the past and he was engaged in some word game etc. The only example he used was the movie (Top Gun). 

This resonated with me right away. I had planned to make this (Top Gun) post on 10/8/16 (Sat.)....but I kept delaying it.

Since then I have encountered (Top Gun) a few more times. 

What Could this mean:

1) The subconscious (inner guide) could want my attention on the (1986) Film for Florida Lotto purposes. It is possible that the (4) digits (1986) could hit as a Fla. Lotto Pick 4 Jackpot combo in the near future. Note: these (4) digits did hit on 10/22/2015. They could echo back in this month. 

2) There has been rumors of a sequel or a remake of (Top Gun)
swirling around for some time. 

A Top Gun Dream (I had) was posted in advance of that news breaking. In that Dream Zac Efron had been Cast as Maverick..the Character Tom Cruise portrayed in the original.

Please Fact Check this by typing in Top Gun...that should bring the past (Top Gun) Dream and the News of a sequel or remake. 

So we might get a big news update that a (Top Gun) remake or a sequel gets the Greenlight....or that it is canned... in the not too distant future. Or that Tom Cruise steps away from it etc.
Not limited to those suggestions.

3) The Navy's actual (Top Gun) School is now located in (Fallon) Nevada. Notice the (Fallon) and think back to the 10/07/16 Tonight show where Jimmy Fallon Brings up Top Gun I mentioned at the top of this post.

It is possible that the Inner Guide is giving a heads up that some High Profile event will occur at the (Top Gun) school located in Fallon Nevada in the near future. Possibly within the remaining 2016 or later in 2017. 

Examples: A major Military Jet Crash could occur, something happens on the base and causes a lockdown, the Navy might announce a change to the (Top Gun) program.

Not limited to those suggestions.

4) Someone connected to the original (1986) Top Gun movie could make news headlines. (DirectorTony Scott died in (2012) / a suicide). Jim Cash... part of the screenwriting team died in (2000)...Jack Epps is still alive. Not limited to those names associated with the original (Top Gun). Someone else etc. 

Top Gun repeating could turn out to be nothing more than a series of coincidence. Which means nothing will manifest.

In my experience: this has not been the case when things repeat around me with frequency...usually something will manifest within a reasonable time frame.

It will be interesting to see if anything related to (Top Gun) does. 

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