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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


10/11/16  10:28 PM CDT. 

This was from last night's Dream Cycle and it was exceptionally Clear.

My Dream Character (Which felt like myself) was standing in at the Counter of a McDonald's.

The place was buzzing with many people.

I ordered a Double Hamburger with no pickle...fries and a drink off of the value menu...ala cart. 

As I was waiting for my order a young female (I don't recognize) to my left gets my attention. She may have been 21 to 25 years of age. Long Brown thick hair and brown eyes...petite in stature. She wore a long sleeve brown and light purple design shirt and light brown pants. 

She said: excuse me....but I need to tell you that you are about to meet a woman named (Mia) who is going to change your life in many good ways.

I didn't say anything....I only pondered her premonition. Dream faded.

 Dream Fragments:

The McDonald's in the Dream did not feel like the one I eat at from time to time.

I have not been in the local McDonald's in maybe 5 months now. It is possible I will eventually decide to eat there again in the near future...but no big plan to do so anytime soon.

When I do eat at McDonald's I usually order a Double Hamburger with no pickle and a small fry and drink off the value menu. So that part of the Dream is interesting because that is specific. 

It is very possible that a McDonald's or more than one will become the center of near future newsworthy event. Maybe it has something to do with a double hamburger. Somebody might find something in with the meat that should not be there. Not limited to this. 

The McDonald's Company could also become headline news soon. The news might be about their Beef Patties. Or significant business news. Not limited to those suggestions.

I did see in the news that the iconic Ronald McDonald Clown is being shut down for awhile because of the Creepy Clown epidemic. So this might have been why the DW conjured up McDonald's. 

If other McDonald's News does develop...expect it to be big news...not run of the mill.

The (Mia) Dream Fragment

The Dreamweaver wanted my attention on the name (Mia). The young woman said I would meet this woman and it would change my life for the better in some manner. The Dream ended before she could elaborate who (Mia) was.

It is possible I could meet someone named (Mia) in the near future. Not looking for love...but when your not looking surprises happen. She would have to be a (Mamma Mia) for me to take that step again:)

This may not have anything to do with love. It might have to do with something else. A (Mia) could enter my life and help me with a project. 

It could also have nothing to do with anything. 

Someone named (Mia) could become the center of a major  news event in the not too distant future. Some event that involves a (Mia) might capture the attention of major news sources. 

No accident that the DW conjured up this specific name.

It will be very interesting to find out what may manifest from this Dream Sequence.

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