Rod Stewart Knighted by Prince William

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12/18/15  5:30 PM CDT.

Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon

Rod Stewart (Iconic Music Artist)

His name was brought to my attention in an interesting way on Wed. 12/16/15.

This happened during a Road Trip. I was in an location where I took the wrong route. I ended up at an intersection that would put me back on the correct route. While I was stopped at the light of this intersection my attention was brought to a Business sign in front of a building. (RodStewart Engineering). 

It jumped out to me so I pulled out my notepad and jotted down the time of this situation. (10:28 PM CDT.) (Note: Did the Inner Guide set me up for this?)

Since that first (Rod Stewart) encounter I have seen the actual Rod Stewart while channel surfing or have heard and seen his name several more times.

Late last night (Thursday) (11:11 PM CDT.) (For no reason) I flip on my Radio in my Bathroom. A Christmas song was in progress. I started to turn the radio off. Then I hear the next song. It is Rod Stewart singing a Christmas tune. 

Note: I have had this specific Radio station on since early Nov. because they play Holiday music 24/7. I also have it on in my Car. This is the first time I recall hearing a Rod StewartChristmas song. 

Then I start watching the CBS Late Late show with James Corden (Note: Posted a dream about him this morning).

The opening of this show is a montage of past guests who participated in weekly segment he does called (Carpool Karoake). They all sing (Joy to the World). One of his past guests was (Rod Stewart) in a fragment of the song. I just happen to catch this. (11:49 PM CDT.)

It appears the Inner Guide wants my attention on (RodStewart). Or could it be a mere Coincidence:)

Have had this repetition of a subject or an individual happen many times in the past. 99 % of the time there will be some interesting result within a reasonable time frame.

It is very possible that a high profile newsworthy story about or connected to Rod Stewart (Music Artist) will manifest in the not too distant future. Something significant. Not run of the mill.

His bday is (1/10). It is also possible the Inner Guide my be showing Rod in this high frequency fashion for Fla. Lotto purposes. Which could mean I need to watch any combination of (110) to possibly hit as Fla. Lotto Cash 3 Jackpot combo within the next 30 days. Or what hit on 1/10/14 or 1/10/15 on the Fla. Lotto Cash 3 and or Play 4 games. Jackpot combos from those dates could hit again within the next (30) days. 

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