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Saturday, October 15, 2016


10/14/16  11:54 AM CDT.

Plane Crash or Mid Air Collision Dream

This Dream was from last night's Dream Cycle

My Dream Character was on what felt like a snowy plateau on a sunny day. There were some other people that I did not recognize taking in the sites.

Suddenly a loud explosion and a flash from above grabs our attention.

Within seconds debris starts falling from the sky. All of us ran for cover. We watched more debris drop all over the place until it finally stopped. 

The parts belonged to either one or two good sized Airplanes. 
My first impression is that one of them was a Cargo plane...maybe military.

I did not notice any bodies...dead or alive.

I walked over to the tail of this Airplane. It was made of a shiny chrome like metal. It glistened in the sunlight. I thought it had a US Air Force emblem on it and a number (I don't recall). It did not seem like a modern Aircraft. 

I was looking around...trying to figure if this aircraft flew into a mountain above us....or collided with another Aircraft. 

There was so much debris spread for a good had to be more than one Aircraft. 

Unless an Airplane hit something unknown. Dream gradually faded. 


 The Dreamweaver will dramatize a vision to make sure I pay attention. This does not mean that the Dream will manifest into reality in the same manner it was shown.

I doubt I will be somewhere to witness a massive plane crash anytime soon...but I might.

This Dream could be a premonition of a near future high profile single plane crash....or a mid air collision with another aircraft (plane, helicopter, or UFO etc.).

Not a run of the mill plane crash. (The DW rarely conjures up a Dream for a general reason).

Based on all the Debris scattered all over....I would think the event would be major league. Grabbing major media attention world wide. 

The inspection of the debris suggested that one of the Aircraft is military...possibly (US. Air Force).

Based on how real the Dream incident like this could occur within the remaining 2016 or later in 2017. 

It is also possible that an accident like this might be caught on video. 

The setting took place in an area with snow on the ground and mountains around. A good sized commercial or military plane could crash into a mountain (maybe snow covered)...and debris is spread over a snow covered area. Not limited to this type of location. 

Another possible scenario:

The Tail part of the Airplane reminded me of a late model military aircraft. Plus I did not see any bodies among the debris. 

It is possible that parts of a past missing plane wreck (maybe military) are discovered in a mountainous snow covered area by some hikers or mountain climbers in the near future and a mystery is solved as to what really happened to this Aircraft.

News headlines might read the mystery of (military or commercial) flight such and such finally solved...or discovered etc. 

There has to be some reason the DW conjured this detailed Dream up. Only time will tell.

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