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Sunday, October 16, 2016


10/16/16 (Sun. Mid.) Fla. Lotto Pick 3 Jackpot Combo (808)

These (3) digits make up the address digits (880) of my past Tanning Bed Business mentioned in the Dream below. Took (24) days to manifest...Under the (30 Day window) stated in the Lotto rules. Plus these (3) digits hit last Oct. 11, 2015. Another Echo Jackpot this month. 

Note: Go back and read the long version of that Dream. A three digit Jackpot combo hit yesterday connected to this same Dream. 

Tanning Bed Biz Dream Fragment Below:

9/22/16  10:43 AM CDT.

I walked into this room that had a number of Tanning Bed Units. It felt like my past Tanning Bed Business. Which was located at (880) W. 11th Street. It was connected to my Gym.

There were several loud and belligerent African American and Caucasian 18 to 22 year old male and female individuals in a dispute over who was going to use these beds. 

I knew I had to diffuse this situation before it got out of hand. I stepped into the middle of the group to halt the potential confrontation. 

This caused them to quiet down. The Dream faded.

Not sure why the Dreamweaver conjured this scenario up.

It may have been to get my attention on the prior address of (880) for Florida Lotto purposes. Which means any combo of these (3) digits could hit within the next (30) days as Fla. Lotto Pick (3) Jackpot combo.

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