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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


10/19/16  3:16 PM CDT.

Hayward Fault Line and San Jose California Map Dream

Every once in a while the Dreamweaver will show me a Map via the POV of either my Dream Character or someone else unseen.

A region of California was shown. There were two areas that were circled in Red.

Those were San Jose California and Napa Valley California.

The circles expanded to the surrounding areas.

Then I noticed a green colored line that ran north to south near these areas.

This represented the (Hayward Fault Line) as marked on the map.

It is very possible that this area of California experiences a good size Earthquake that may or may not be connected to the (Hayward Fault Line) in the near future. Possibly within the remaining 2016 or later within 2017.

A high profile newsworthy Earthquake. Not run of the mill.
Think 5.0 to 7.0 (maybe higher) and more than likely shallow.

Which means it could cause damage and possibly loss of life and injury. 

The DW was specific on showing The Hayward Fault Line, San Jose, Napa Valley and surrounding area. 

I noticed a news article about the Hayward Fault Line today. (you might want to look this up and read it)...When I saw it I thought the map Dream may have been foreshadowing this current Hayward Fault Line news and I didn't get it posted in time. (This may be the case and nothing more may manifest)

Then I started thinking and felt compelled to make the map dream post anyway just in case the News article is also foreshadowing a near future real Hayward Fault incident.

Note: It will be interesting to see if Hayward Fault line, San Jose and or Napa Valley start repeating around me with frequency. 

I'm not sure what else could affect San Jose and Napa Valley and the surrounding area other than a good sized Earthquake.

It might be something else. Fire, Flooding, a rough Storm with high winds, Snow or continued drought problems etc. Not limited to those suggestions. 

Keep in mind San Jose California might experience something separate from the Napa Valley California area. As an example two separate Earthquakes on different days etc. 

It will be interesting to see what may manifest from this Dream Sequence. 

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