10/08/16/Sat.  6:55 PM CDT.

Hand Sanitizer Dream

Not sure where my Dream Character was

Someone (unknown..I think a male) was showing me dozens (maybe hundreds of the travel/pocket size bottles of the gel/liquid Hand Sanitizer.

These were in a couple of large zip loc type plastic bags.

I'm not sure of the Brand. Reminded me of (Purell)...but not 100% on this.

The unseen person handed me one of the plastic bags. I turned it around my hands and noticed some of the gel liquid in the small bottles were different colors as well as the standard clear gel liquid.

Then I sensed there was something not right about these bottles 

I felt there was something wrong with the gel/liquid contents
The Dream faded.

Has to be some reason the Dreamweaver wants my attention on hand sanitizer in the travel/pocket size bottles.

Very possible a high profile news story about or connected to some brand of Hand Sanitizer will manifest within the remaining 2016 and maybe later in 2017. I would expect Hand Sanitizer or something like this would be in the news headlines.

The DW showed travel size bottles...but that could be the way the DW wanted to get my attention on this type of product.

The news may not be limited to travel size bottles.

I have not traveled on a Plane in some time. So I don't know if the Travel size bottles of Sanitizer are allowed on Flights. 

If travel size bottles are allowed...TSA might want to start checking the contents to see if it is actual hand sanitizer or it is liquid explosive. 

Not limited to this type of scenario.

Hand sanitizer might need to be recalled. The liquid gel might be tainted in some manner. 

Or it becomes a new way to smuggle drugs. Maybe Cocaine...not limited to this example.

It will be interesting to see what may manifest from this Dream

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