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Monday, October 10, 2016


10/10/16  10:45 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Duke 

Have seen or heard the word Duke numerous times over the last week.

Most of those reps have occurred as (Duke University)

The last rep...earlier this evening....was the catalyst to post this now.

A friend (I have not had a phone conversation with in over a year) called me from out of the blue. It was in reference to the shocking revelation that someone we both knew had passed on.

He was giving me update information on that individual.

We talked about that which led to catch up on other things.

I brought up that I had been noticing the word Duke repeating around me.

He stopped me and said that he had just been in a conversation with a neighbor of his and found out that neighbor went to Duke University...(What are the odds?)

Note: Keep in mind I have not been in a phone conversation with this person in over a year...and tonight of all nights he calls me...catalyst (Death of someone) and Duke University comes up in this manner. Can't be a coincidence....or could it?

This was confirmation (of sorts) that I better post the repetition phenomenon about (Duke).


It is very possible that we could get a high profile news event about or connected to Duke University within the remaining 2016 or within 2017. 

Examples: A scandal, one or more on campus shooter or other type of weapon attack, rape scenario, sports team news Acclaim or scandal (football, basketball not limited to those sports). Not limited to those suggestions. 

I think you get the idea that something major could draw the attention of mass media.

It is possible (Duke) could hold other meaning and have nothing to do with the University.

Duke could equal a Royal title. A Duke of some country could become the center of a newsworthy story. Not a run of the mill news story if one should develop.

There has to be some reason that the Inner Guide wants my attention on the word Duke. 

This should make sense down the road. (maybe)

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