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Friday, October 7, 2016


10/07/16/ Noticed an obit about a local Dentist passing away.
Notice in the Dream below: I mentioned a local Dentist...but I did not post his name because I had to wait for the local ad to play on TV again to make sure I had the right person. I saw the ad a few days later and found out his name is Dr. Gregory Goodreau. It is his Father (was also a local Dentist) who passed away (12) days after the Dream. Not sure if the Death was sudden or a result of long term illness. I'm sure he was a good man. (See Obit Below)

Special Note: Both of us have lived in this area for many years and have never met. What are the odds the Dreamweaver would conjure and splice him into this Dream Sequence and then this sad news manifests within (12) days of the Dream Post.  

This makes the second person I've seen in the obits since yesterday that was connected to a recent Dream. That person use to train at my gym.  Not uncommon that my Dreams Foreshadow Death.

Original Dream Below (read carefully)

9/26/16  11:35 AM CDT.

Jack O Lantern Cakes Dream

This Dream happened prior to waking up

Daytime Setting:

My Dream Character was in a car driving. (Felt like my local area)

An area called (St. Andrews)

I turned left onto an off street.

This is when I noticed a line of people at this bakery or maybe a donut shop. I stopped to observe. 

It appeared most (maybe all) of the patrons were young Females. 

There was a familiar looking middle aged male (I think he is a local Dentist I have seen on a local TV ad) handing out small round cakes from an open area of the bakery. I think these were freebies.  

The top of the cakes were decorated with orange icing with an outline of brown and white icing making a Jack O Lantern face. 

I also noticed that each cake had a small strip of paper on the bottom with a name on it.  (Maybe these are special order)

The Man handing out the Cakes would look at the bottom of each one. Then it looked like he would utter something to the person waiting. I noticed a nod from the recipient. The man would remove the paper and hand the cake to this person.

I watched this same action over and over until the Dream began fading. 

Has to be some reason the Dreamweaver conjured this very real Dream Sequence up.

Halloween is a month away. I would imagine a number of bakeries as well as commercial snack cake companies etc offer Halloween themed food items. 

It's possible Jack O Lantern shaped items become the center of a newsworthy report. Some might be tainted and need to be recalled. Or some company or bakery gives them out free of charge to raise awareness for some cause. 

With the Presidential election nearing...the free cakes might be used to draw attention to one of the candidates to influence voting. A Trump faced Jack O Lantern cake for instance. 

 The interpretation may be off but this Dream Sequence should make sense in some manner in the near future. 

If something more rises to my mind about this Dream I may update later. 

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