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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Thursday, September 29, 2016


9/29/16  10:19 AM CDT. 

Fort Knox

Was mentioned but not shown within the Dream by someone unseen. Brief but loud enough to hear it.

Have posted a few Fort Knox Dreams in the past which manifested into newsworthy stories connected to the actual US Army Base as opposed to the famous Gold Depository which is nearby. 

In some cases major media will use Fort Knox metaphorically to describe something as being very secure. 


1) We could get a high profile newsworthy incident that happens at either Fort Knox the US Army Base or Fort Knox the legendary Maximum Security Gold Vault in the not too distant future. Possibly within the remaining 2016 or later in 2017. 

Maybe this Base should beef up security at both locations and stay vigilant. Something could happen very fast and without warning. Think what happened at the Chattanooga Recruiting Centers in 2015.
I posted a Dream (6 weeks) before that manifested and stated in that dream that security should be beefed up at all military recruiting centers. You can fact check this past post in the Archives. 

Not limited to a potential attack. Something else could happen to thrust Fort Knox into news headlines. 

2) There are other locations on the globe compared to Fort Knox. You will hear major media refer to those locations as the Fort Knox of Europe as an example.  If something newsworthy happened at one of those locations then media sources might refer to Fort Knox in the headlines as a comparison. 

It is possible something else that carries the name (Fort Knox) will become the center of a newsworthy story. 

3) (3) and (4) digit numbers(502/624/1918/1181) that are connected to Fort Knox address and phone digits might manifest in some combo on the Fla. Lotto soon. This has happened with other locations shown by the DW. 
Not limited to those suggestions.

Note: On 12/27/15 a Fort Knox repetition post was made. There has been no high profile news about or connected to Fort Knox since that post. It is possible this new Dream means something is close. 

I have made a number of posts on Military installations in the past which appeared to produce no news results. Then later... news would break that something did happen on those Military installations but it was with held from the public at the time. The actual incident would coincide when the Dream was first posted. 

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