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Monday, August 8, 2016


8/08/16/ What are the odds (Cupping) would make Headline News....and connected to the RIO Olympics. Took 5 weeks to manifest from the original 7/03/16 Dream. 

Is cupping safe? What's behind those red marks on Olympians' bodies

The ancient practice of cupping has been used for more than 2,000 years in Oriental medicine and traditionally uses a flame to heat a cup that is applied to the skin.

Original Cupping Dream Below:

In the Dream:  Setting inside a House or Apt.

My Dream Character heard a Shower running. Since I live alone I decided to go and check on who could be in my place taking a shower.

I stood in the doorway of my Bathroom. The shower was running and the curtain was pulled. I noticed a bunch of towels on the floor in front of the walk in shower. 

Suddenly the shower stops. The Shower curtain is ripped back. Then I see Katy Perry standing there wet and nude.
She was in good shape. Pretty skin. 

She didn't try to cover up from surprise. She asked me If I would hand her a towel. I glanced at the stack of towels on the floor in front of the shower and then looked back at her. She said: I'm not going to use one of those. 

I reached over to another towel rack close by me. I grabbed a towel and threw it over to her. She smiled.

The I hear someone yelp. I leave the bathroom area and follow this sound. I go down a hallway and hear the yelp again.

I walk into a room to notice actor Adam Devine on a massage table lying on his belly. He has these odd cups on his back. I notice this middle aged Asian Male performing this procedure on Adam. 

Adam looks up at me and gives a partial smile. Then I notice the Asian male pull one of the cups off Adam's back. He lets out another yelp. 

I notice these deep impressions in Adam's back where these cups...(maybe some type of suction Cup) had been removed. 

The Asian man paid no attention to me. He seemed very focused on these cups on Adam's back. 

I watched him pull another off Adam's back. Adam yelp's again. The scene faded. 

It is also possible someone is injured during a massage procedure. Maybe with this hot suction cup (or whatever) procedure. I think it is called (Cupping). 
It might leave serious marks on someone's back or body or leave them injured in some manner. The photos of the wounds might go viral. This might happen to a celebrity.

Cupping could make headline news in some other manner.

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