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Monday, August 8, 2016


8/08/16/ How tragic and sad ! Caleb Repetition Post was made (3) months ago. 


10 year old Caleb Schwab son of Kansas State Rep Scott Schwab Dies on World's Tallest Water Slide

Ten-year-old Caleb Schwab died on the Verrückt ride at the Schlitterbahn Water Park in Kansas City, his family said in a statement. He was the son of Republican state Rep. Scott Schwab.

5/16/16  4:20 PM CDT.

Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon/ Caleb repeats

Sat. 5/14/16
The name (Caleb) started repeating after I noticed the name tag of a check out person. I went through his check out lane at (3:32 PM CDT)
He noticed my shirt. Star Wars is on the front of it. He wanted to know I was alive when the original (Star Wars) came out in 1977. I told him I did see it in May of 1977. 
Note: I saw it at a theater in Downtown (Leesville Louisiana). Outside of Fort Polk US. Army Base.

Caleb was maybe between the ages of (21-25). He had (CPalsy).
Very nice young person. 

Sat. Night 5/14/16
Was listening to a Podcast on the (Spaceboy Universe Network).
A guest suddenly starts telling a story about his (5) year old son named (Caleb) at 10:45 PM CDT. He claimed his son was suppose to born on (10/10/10)...but was born a day earlier on 10/9/10. 

To fact check: Go to ( and listen to show # 33 with author Gordon Rupe.

So the name (Caleb) repeated about (7.5) hours after the first repetition and I had no idea how it would repeat. 

Note: Do you think the Inner guide had this specific guest on at this specific time so I would catch the story about this specific name (Caleb) ?

Sunday 5/15/16: I decide to get some lunch at (2:05 PM CDT). I have no plan on where I'm going to eat. I drive to the end of my street to the main highway artery called Highway (77) and stop at the light which is red.

Hardees pops into my mind. When the light is green I turn left.

I get to Hardees at (2:09 PM CDT.). The Female Counter person takes my order. Then she gets distracted by the drive thru window. The Cook brings me my Food. I glance at his name tag. (CALEB)!!! How Freaky!!! (2:16 PM CDT.)

If the Female Counter person didn't get distracted (Caleb) would not have waited on me. 

Sunday 5/15/16: I'm watching one program on TV. I suddenly am urged to look at upcoming guests on this one podcast I listen to on occasion. Not a regular show I listen to.

I notice a guest name (Bill Bean) on Monday night (tonight). I decide to read the summary on Bill Bean.

The thing that jumps right out: He won an a Bronze Telly award for a show he produced and was in called (A Haunting episode/Curse of the Mummy or better known as (The Caleb Weaver Story). (6:50 PM CDT.)

What are the odds????

(4) times the name (Caleb) surfaced within a within a Day!!

Do you think think the Inner Guide wants my attention on the name (CALEB?)

But Why??? Will the (Caleb) clues continue?? (Probably)


1) Someone with the first or last name (Caleb) might become the center of a High Profile News story within a reasonable time frame. 

That news could be on a local level or a national level. 

Which means a (Caleb) would have to do something important or significant to draw the attention of Major Media. 

2) A location with the name Caleb might become the center of a high profile news story within a reasonable time frame. 

Which means some event or incident of significance would have to occur to draw the attention of major media. 

Not limited to any of those suggestions.

At the moment I can't think of anyone I know personally with the name (Caleb)...or I have forgotten. I may have recall soon.

Does the name (Caleb) make any sense to any of you?? 

Will update if the name (Caleb) continues repeating.

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