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Sunday, August 21, 2016


8/21/16/ This Dream posted (6) months ago. It appears to be on target. Specific to the indoor tanning industry. Who knew this many Tanning salons had closed?

Tanning industry blames 10,000 salon closings on ObamaCare

Original Tanning Salon Dream Below:

2/15/16 11:55 AM CDT.

In this Dream Sequence:

DK and Jordan were involved with a Tanning Salon. I walked into this location at the same time they were having an issue with a customer. 

It was a heavy set woman. I felt this woman was trying to run a scam on them about being harmed in one of their tanningbeds. 

I observed but did not get involved. I could tell a potential confrontation was about to ensue. The Dream faded. 

The tanning salon setting is probably not connected to DK or Jordan. The DW spliced them into the action. 
Unless they have invested in one. 

It is possible they use one locally. Both are fair skinned. Many of these Tan Salons offer spray tanning and other things because so many people have quit using tanning beds. 

We could also get news about or connected to the indoor tanning industry in the near future. A number of class action lawsuits might suddenly crop up. etc.

Lawsuit scams occur everyday. Someone might attempt to con owners of a Tan Salon out of money etc. 

Not sure my summary is on target with the Tanning salon part of the Dream. This should make sense down the road.  We will see.

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