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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


8/09/16/ Surprise Saturday Night Live exits prior to Season 42 announced less than (3) months after the Dream. 

Jay Pharoah, Taran Killam, Jon Rudnitsky to Exit 'Saturday Night Live'

Original Saturday Night Live Dream Below:

5/26/16  10:52 AM CDT. 

Saturday Night Live Dream

My Dream Character was a guest host on SNL.

I was being introduced by some other name.  I walked out to my mark while the SNL Band played the SNL theme.  The audience applauding and whistling. 

My Dream Character wore sunglasses and a baseball cap. Dressed casual in Cargo pants and a long sleeve shirt over a another shirt. 

I waved and smiled at the audience as the Dream faded.

What could this mean?

I don't think I will be guest hosting SNL anytime soon. Unless some whirlwind thing happens in my life and I end up on this show down the road. Strange things happen in my life everyday:)

It is very possible that a high profile news story about or connected to some aspect of Saturday Night Live could manifest within a reasonable time frame. Possibly before it's next season in Fall 2016. Or within 2016. Maybe in 2017.

There has to be a reason the Dreamweaver conjured up SNL at this time.

It is also possible that news of a Death or departure of one the main cast members is announced. 

The studio in which SNL is shot could have an issue. A fire etc. not limited to that suggestion. 

The Creator of SNL is Lorne Michaels. Major news could manifest in regard to him. Could he decide to step down and hand the show over to someone else? Maybe

It would shock many if SNL were suddenly cancelled after (41) years of being on the Air at NBC. 

The subject of the Dream is Saturday Night Live

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