8/23/16/ Not a run of the mill story from the Philippines. In addition: Pearl had been repeating around me for the last two I think I know why. 

Fisherman found giant 34kg pearl worth $100 million - but kept the two-foot long gem under his bed for TEN YEARS as a good luck charm

  • The un-named fisherman discovered the giant pearl more than a decade ago inside a massive clam 
  • The man did not realize the $100 million pearl was so valuable and kept it as a simple good luck charm
  • When his wooden shack burned down, the man showed his pearl to a stunned Filipino tourist officer 
  • Filipino officials hope they will be able to keep the pearl in the region to encourage tourists to visit  

This giant pearl could be the biggest ever found in the world and five times larger than the previous record - after being handed in by a fisherman.
The man, who has not been identified, found the priceless 34kg gem ten years ago in sea off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines.

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1/31/16  10:32 AM CDT.

Local Optometrist  Born 8/15

For Fla. Lotto Purposes watch any combo of (815) to possibly hit as a Cash 3 Jackpot(within 30 days). Include Cash 3 and Play 4 prior Jackpots from 8/15/14 & 8/15/15 that could hit in any combo within the next 30 days. 
 Year of birth, Biz Address and BIz Phone digits are Fl. Lotto Eligible.

His name is Dave. He trained in my gym for many years. Have had no contact with him in some time.
Most of the time when the Dreamweaver conjures him up it is Fla. Lotto related. 

It is possible I could hear some news about or connected to him in the not too distant future.
I could also be out and we have a chance encounter. 

In the Dream:

The subject of the (Philippines) came up. I mentioned to Dave that I had lived there. He seemed surprised by this information. I told him my Dad was stationed at Clark AFB. 

I continued by telling Dave that it was a great experience and I had much fun and adventure while living there.

Note: Since my late Father was mentioned in the Dream I would include his Birth and Death information for potential Fla. Lotto results. Posted a recent dream about him on 1/22/16. In that Dream he brought up the (1963) movie PT. 109. Look back and read that dream. 

The DW was specific on the Philippines. There was no information as to why. It is always possible info was given but I missed the fragment. So I could only speculate as to why the DW conjured up the (PI).

The Philippines could become the center of a high profile news event in the near future. Possibly within the next 3 to 6 months or within 2016. Always possible it could be later.

The DW rarely shows me something for a minor reason.
So whatever occurs would have to be significant in some manner.

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