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Thursday, August 11, 2016


8/11/16/ How often do we get a Ceiling Fan accident Headline News story? The little girl did survive. 

Three-year-old girl's head is sliced open by a ceiling fan when her father throws her in the air while they played 

  • Oum was rushed to hospital after the accident in Rayong, Thailand 
  • Before op, surgeons asked parents if they could afford cost of £1,550
  • Father, Em, was told: 'Don't be slow to decide, as it could be too late'
  • Oum is recovering now but Em is selling his possessions to pay the bill 

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2/12/16  5:08 PM CDT.

In the Dream:

Dr. Ed walked into this office my DC was working in with (2) other unknown individuals. 

It was a cluttered room with desks etc. Books and papers stacked everywhere. He walked over to this crowded with papers etc. Bulletin Board to take some specific papers down. A Ceiling Fan above was blowing the papers on the board up etc. He was having a hard time taking them down. 

I reached over to turn it the fan off. The Ceiling Fan did not power down. It sped up. Very high speed. Blowing papers all over.

I flipped the switch again but it would not slow down. It started spinning faster. I felt it might fly off an anytime. 

Dr. Ed and I looked at each other in puzzlement as the Dream faded.

It is always interesting how the DW splices all of these fragments together. I'm know I miss information. Too much detail at times.

It is possible that we could get an out of control Ceiling Fan incident headline news story. More than likely considered freak in nature. 

One might spin out of control and fly off and injure or even kill someone. A metal type might decapitate someone or amputate a limb. It might sound far fetched but stranger things do happen.

A Company that produces Ceiling Fans might have to enact a mass recall due to product that malfunctions. Speed problems etc. 

There has to be some reason the Dreamweaver showed a Ceiling Fan acting like this. 

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