NEWS FLASH/ BEE GEES NEWS/ 95 year old Mother of the Bee gees Passes on/ READ 6/08/16 DREAM AND TRENDING NEWS/ SUNj. 8/14/16

8/14/16/ This sad Bee Gees news took just over (2) months to Manifest from the Dream Post. 

Barbara Gibb, Mother of the Bee Gees & Andy Gibb, Dies at 95

Barbara Gibb passed away at the age of 95 in Miami on Friday night (Aug. 12). She was the mother of Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb (who performed together as the Bee Gees), as well as Andy Gibb.

Original Bee Gees Dream Fragment Below:

6/08/16  5:18 PM CDT.

Bobby Cannavale Dream:

My DC and his (HBO Vinyl Character) Richie Finestra were in a debate of who had the biggest selling album of all time. (Felt like we were on the set of the show (Vinyl).

I kept telling him it was the (Bee Gees) Sat. Night Fever Soundtrack. 

He disagreed. He claimed it was held by the (Beatles).

It was comical. We went back and forth a few times. There were other unknown people watching us debate.

It got my attention on Bobby Cannavale, the (Bee Gees and the Beatles)

BTW: Neither group has the number one album of all time. 

We could also get high profile news about or connected to the (Bee Gees) in the not too distant future. There is only one living member. Barry Gibb. It is possible the high profile news might have to do with him. Maybe extended family of one of the other Brothers (Robin or Maurice). 

It will be interesting to see how this all turns out.

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