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Saturday, August 6, 2016


8/06/16  3:04 PM CDT. (From Last night)

These were quick Dream Fragments. Shown long enough to note them.

Grapes Dream Fragment:

The Dreamweaver conjured up the image of an old portly woman. She wore a scarf over her hair. Think someone that worked in an outdoor market. I got the feeling she was foreign...maybe Italian or French. (No guarantee she was foreign)

She was shown holding up a bunch of grapes (light green) in color. They were still attached to a cut vine.  Looked fresh.

She put them right up to my POV. My Dream Character was never shown. Dream Fragment faded.

Has to be some reason the DW wanted me to notice these Grapes. 

Grapes are not one of my favorite foods. Rarely eat them. I may need to investigate the nutritional make up. This Dream could be personal.

It is also possible that Grapes become the center of a newsworthy story in the near future.

1)  A possible recall due to some brand being tainted. Or some product that is made from Grapes etc. Maybe a Wine Brand.

2) Drugs hidden within Grape shipments might be discovered. 

3) A scientific discovery that shows the value of eating grapes.

Not limited to those suggestions. Grapes could make headline news in the near future. If so...not run of the mill news. 

The name Nero Dream Fragment

My Dream Character was not shown. 

The Dreamweaver had an unknown male show a document. It was attached to a clip board. 

From my Dream POV....I could see the name NERO before the Dream faded. I did not get to see what type of document it was or did I get to see any other names or dates. 

Not a common name you hear everyday. 

1) Someone with the first or last name (Nero) could become the center of a high profile headline news story in the not too distant future. 

2) Something that carries the name (Nero) could become the center of a headline news story in the near future.

3) It is possible that something about or connected to the past Roman Emperor (Nero) will be discovered and made public for the first time. Not limited to that (Nero) news. 

4) It is also possible that (Nero) was shown for Fla. Lotto purposes. Nero was born on 12/15...37 AD and Died 6/09...68 AD. This is a long shot. Will watch what hit on 12/15/15 and 12/15/14....6/09/16 and 6/09/15 on the Fla. Lotto Pick 3 and Pick 4 past games (any combo) (1215 and 609) inclusive. The Florida Lotto offers a Pick 2 game now. So the two digit numbers associated with Nero's year of birth (37) and his Death (68) could possibly hit in some combo soon.  (No guarantee)

Not limited to any of those suggestions.

Has be some reason that the DW wants my attention on (NERO)

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