8/21/16   10 PM CDT.

Repetition Phenomenon/ Mount Everest

Timeline of Repetitions:

1) Sat. Afternoon (8/20/16)...Binge watching Season 2 of (Daredevil/Netflix)(Episode 5)
Everest is on a sign in the background of a scene. It jumps out to I jot it down at (2:48 PM) on my notepad. 

2) Sat. Eve (8/20/16) watching a recording (From 8/19/16) of Mysteries at the Museum/ Travel Channel. At 11:42 PM CDT. (Mount Everest) is mentioned. Took about (8) hours to be guided to this second repetition.

3) Sun. Watching a Disney animated film from (2009) called (UP) on the (Free Form channel). Mount Everest is mentioned at (1:48 PM CDT.)

Three times in less than 24 hours Mount Everest has repeated.
Did not look for the repetitions. It is Like I was guided to them. 

Mount Everest will probably continue repeating...unless some high profile news about or connected to Mount Everest is about to manifest in the very near future. 

Examples: A major accident (maybe record setting), A world record is broken by a climber, Another major Earthquake hits on or around Mount Everest causing a major avalanche. Or a deadly avalanche is caused by something else. 

Not limited to those suggestions.

In some manner Mount Everest could make major news headlines within 2016 or early 2017. Not run of the mill news. 

It's rare that these repetition phenomenon posts take long to manifest. 

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