8/05/16/ Keep in mind...this is not a once in a Blue Moon experience. These Repetition Phenomenon happen consistently and results follow fast. Scary fast sometime. Sometimes with no time to act on them. 

3 and 4 Digit number combos will repeat with Frequency prior to manifesting into Cash/Pick 3 or Play/Pick 4 Jackpot combos

The following is a perfect example

These (3) digits started repeating on 8/04/16 (Thursday) in the following order:

1) Watching Jeopardy

One of the Answers was (221) Baker Street. For some reason I was compelled to jot this down on my notepad. They way it was answered resonated in my solar plexus area.

2) I recorded a movie called (Untraceable/ 2008) a few days ago.
For some reason I decide to watch it tonight. In one of the scenes I notice an address of (221) at 8:12 PM CDT.
Note:  Think this is an accident...that I watched it tonight about 3.5 hours after noticing the first (221) on Jeopardy.

3) 8/05/16 (Early Friday morning) Watching Blade 2 from (2002). Suddenly glance at LED clock. It's (2:21) AM.

4) Friday (Today)....I wash my hands in my bathroom. I turn to wipe my hands on a towel. This towel rack is near a window ledge where I have a small clock. I notice the time is (2:21 PM CDT.).
Note: This clock is 7 min's fast. 

These (3) digits...shown as (221)....repeated (4) times in less than 24 hours. See tonight's Fla. Lotto Eve. Cash/Pick 3 Lotto result. 

(212)...Fact check below and remember it does not matter what combo the digits hit in. These (3) digits did not hit last August 2015.

So is this the result or outcome of these (3) digits repeating? Will there be more? Or is tonight's Pick 3 Lotto result another repetition in the chain? 

This experience is not uncommon. Happens routinely. 
When the Inner Guide wants my attention on something it will put me into position to notice it multiple times prior to it (Lotto, News event, encounter of some nature etc.) manifesting into reality. That manifestation usually happens within a very short time frame. 

It would be interesting to see if some combo of (221) hit tonight on any other State Lotto....of if these will hit soon on some other State Lotto. 

Believe it or not....we do get previews of future events....and it's not limited to Dreams.  All of us possess the ability to forecast future events in our own special and unique have to stay open to the possibility. 

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