8/07/16 (Sun. Midday) Fla. Lotto Cash/Pick 3 Jackpot Combo (309)/ Note: these (3) digits hit last August (8/18/15) which makes this an echo Jackpot

Foreshadow story:  The following events occurred prior to today's Fla. Lotto midday Cash/Pick 3 Draw time

This morning I was lying in bed semi dozing while waking.

I have a printer in my bedroom I use to make copies. For some reason it reset itself. The sound of the reset woke me up. I looked at the time on my DVR clock. (10:11). 

Because of the way this happened I jotted (10:11) down on my notepad. 

I immediately thought of two things.  To study what hit on 10/11/14 and 10/11/15 on the Fla. Lotto Cash/Pick 3 game.
Note: The (3) digits (930) hit on the Fla. Lotto midday Cash/Pick 3 on 10/11/15. The same (3) digits that hit on the Fla. Lotto Cash 3 Midday today. 

So was the printer resetting at this specific time of (10:11 AM) a Coincidence? What if I had ignored it?

Then I recalled someone I know with this bday. 

Later on: I had flipped on the radio in my bathroom. In progress is a show dedicated to playing (70's) music. Several songs take me back in time. You know how this works. 

A song called (Taxi) by the late Harry Chapin comes on. This song reminded me of two things. 

When I took radio broadcasting in college I played this song on my show. One day I played it twice in a row by error. 

The song also triggered the thought of a specific past Girlfriend. I could see her clearly in my mind. Note: Her Bday is (9/03) or (903). The time was around (11:30 AM) hour before Fla. Lotto midday draw time.

Have not had contact with this former GF in many years. 

Another Coincidence??

It sure appears something was trying to get my attention on these (3) digits in this interesting zig zag method. There may have been other clues I missed. 

Although I didn't play them...I still acknowledged the clues prior to the manifestation. There was not a long gap of time prior to these (3) digits hitting.  

Also...maybe I was not suppose to play. Just learn. 

How many things get by all of us every moment because we don't pay attention....we don't follow through....we don't explore.

That thought that suddenly runs through your mind that seems significant....or it wouldn't have happened. 

Put it to a test.

Next time you catch yourself thinking about something that seems like it down and then break it down. Make a list of what it means to you.  The first few times it may seem like nothing...but if you stick with this exploration you will see that your Inner Guide is trying to help you. 

Great songs, novels, movies, ideas, inventions etc. have started with the capture of a simple thought form or word. Some run with it and capitalize....others let those thoughts pass on by. 

You might also prevent an accident or save a life if you catch that glimpse prior to etc. 

You have to discover how your Subconscious is communicating with you...which you will find to be unique and special to you. 

That thing you yearn for....desire....answer to your probably so close you can't see it. Because your looking in the wrong place.

I guess the saying (It all comes from within) is True.

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