HBO Series Finale...The Night of

So will we find out whodunnit?

Episode 7/ Ordinary Death...opened with Det. Box and company finding another death by knife victim. Box mentions... this looks like another Andrea Cornish scenario. Could we be looking at a serial killer? Or did someone commit this crime to help Naz?

Who probably didn't kill Andrea Cornish:
1) Duane Reid (Wanted felon/ known burglar/ Knife as weapon
2) Don Taylor (Stepfather) (has motive...but a bit to obvious)
3) Mr. Day (The Funeral Director/Scary..but not a killer) He was watching a show or video of women doing aerobics when Chandra visited him at the Funeral Parlor.

New Suspect ?: Ray Halle (The CPA who handled Evelyn's (Andrea's Mom) Finances plus.) Then he tells John Stone he helped Andrea after (Evelyn) passed. 

Ray is a bit too helpful throwing light on Don Taylor's past gigolo ways, bad temper, current debt problems and restraining order past. Ray tells John Stone that Don is the potential next in line heir to the 5 or 6 million dollar fortune and Brownstone home. 

Does Ray Halle own a motorcycle?

Don got rough with John Stone at the gym where Don works as a trainer and trolls for rich widows. I'm surprised John Stone didn't have him arrested for assault.  

But maybe Ray is a major benefactor in some manner...if Don is moved out of the way. Ray handled all the paper work and hinted that he was close with Evelyn...but didn't really know Andrea...until after the Death. 

It is still probable that Naz might have killed her because of the Drug Andrea apparently liked being cut on...way before Naz came along. She may have urged Naz to cut on her some more. But the Knife downstairs from the coffee table is not the murder weapon. Those knives came in a set of per Dr. Katz...the retired Pathologist turned Celeb author and expert witness...that John Stone hired to comb over Andrea's Home. 

The comical testimony of Dr. Katz  and the cross examination of (Det. Box)(removing evidence (the inhaler etc)...might return a not guilty verdict because of reasonable doubt. Or at least a lesser charge with time served and maybe some additional time. 

Plus Dr. Katz... pointed out two ways someone could have got into Andrea's home and never know Naz was there because of the angle of the Stairs to the Kitchen. 

The problem for Naz....his friendship with Freddy in Rikers. Freddy does not want him to leave. If Naz was not a criminal before he entered Rikers...he is a criminal now. The Flip Flop might be what he did behind bars. Plus if anything happens to Freddy...then Naz is a dead man if he stays at Rikers. 

That odd Kiss between Chandra and Naz:

At first I thought it might have been a fantasy sequence. But it was real. Did Chandra really fall for Naz? Or was she wanting to find out if he would attempt to force Sex on her?  She risked her career and the case doing this. 

Will the Cat reveal the Killer? Has to be some reason John Stone held on to this Cat. Who is going to be allergic to the Cat?? 

Det. Box (Retiring)...Didn't seem too happy about this or the retirement party. I felt at one point...he looked suicidal. 
I also feel he does not think Naz committed this murder. 
He wants to close his career with a Win..maybe he fudged too much to make this happen. 

We still don't know who was photographing Naz's Dad. This may come up in the final episode. Naz's Brother has also been quiet for most of the series. 

We also found out that Naz has had a troubled past with violence and Drug dealing.

Hopefully the creators of this great series will end it with some surprises and twists. We might not find out who the real killer is...let's hope that it doesn't end like that.

 At least John Stone found a cure for his Eczema:)

I need to watch Episode 7 a few more times plus go over my past episode notes. I might update before Sunday's final episode. 
Maybe HBO will show all the episodes in binge form prior to the finale. 

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