HBO'S (THE NIGHT OF) Episode 5 Season of the Witch / Sat. 8/13/16


The Night Of/ HBO 8 part mini series/ Episode 5 Season of the Witch 
(Plus some other things)

We knew John Stone had to get back on the case and I figured he would team up with Chandra from Alison's law firm. There is chemistry with these two. 

Petey was introduced in this Episode. His Mother reached out to Freddy etc. Naz is asked by Freddy to be a mule for the drugs Petey's Mother brings in to pay for protection.

Note: Think back to Episode one. Petey was in a cell at the 21st precinct when Naz was brought in. Go back and watch Episode one and see if you notice this. 

Freddy helps Naz take revenge on Hart (The con that burned Naz). Naz does a pretty violent number on Hart. Puts him in ICU according to Freddy. This did show Naz has a dark side. 

Will the acts of smuggling drugs and beating up Hart come back on Naz during his trial? Will Freddy, Petey or someone else flip on Naz to reduce their sentence? Maybe.

Stone shakes down Trevor and fools him into revealing who was with him that night. 

Trevor reveals the guy he was walking with in front of Andrea's House as (Duane or Dwayne Reid or Reade). John Stone discovers Duane has a warrant out for his arrest plus he has a history of using a knife to pull off burglaries. John Stone finds Reid. Reid flees and this episode ends before we see what happens. 

I think it would be too obvious that Reid is the killer. But could Trevor and Reid Know who the real killer is?

John Stone also discovers Andrea's drug Dealer (Cutty). We discover what Andrea bought. The Tox panel confirms the drugs were Ecstasy and Ketamine that Andrea and Naz both consumed. Naz had amphetamine...more than likely adderall. 

Could all of these drugs have caused an adverse violent affect in Naz?
Very Possible. At least the memory loss. (Remember when Naz woke up Downstairs in the Kitchen...he had no Blood all over him) Apparently none showed up in the shower or bathroom either. 

Why was the Fridge left open behind Naz? Who took the time to eat...or was something hidden in the fridge and was it removed?

I also mentioned in Episode (1) The Beach Post...that the Hat on the Deer Antler head kept changing position each time the camera showed the head. There has be some reason the Deer Head was shown more than once in that episode. Someone had to have moved that Hat. 

Note: When the Med. Examiner (Harry) was taking photos of Andrea...her necklace was lying to the right of her on the bed...but during the Autopsy it was shown back around her neck. 

The Cat keeps coming back into this story. Has to be some reason. 
(Did you catch the brand of Cat Food....(Nine Lives). 

John Stone's former CSI....discovers the back gate had Blood on it plus it was not secured... he found Blood in the Backyard...but maybe it's squirrel Blood he suggests. What a character.

Box announces he is going to retire. He wants to go out with this Big Case under his belt. He wants to win....but I feel like Stone.... I don't think Box is 100% sure Naz did this...and if Naz did...was it premeditated as Helen the DA is suggesting. Sharpening her knife:)

Where will the Taxi subplot enter? Also who was photographing Naz's Dad. Something else might be uncovered next.

Let us not forget Andrea's Step Dad (Don Taylor) as a major suspect. Can't rule him out. 

3 more episodes and we will find out the truth. Tune in tomorrow night (Sunday) at 8 Central 9 Eastern on HBO. For more clues. 

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