The Night Of/ HBO 8 part mini series/ Episode 4 The Art of War ( Plus)

Seems a number of Players are from the Queens area. 
Naz/ Don Taylor (Andrea's Stepfather)/ Fred E. Knight (Riker's Island Cell Block Kingpin)...Is this a coincidence???

We have been introduced to Inmate Hart who appeared at first to mentor Naz on how to survive at Riker's...only to turn on Naz and attempt to fry him with hot water and Baby oil.

Note: Did you notice the photo of Hart's Niece (Charlene)....Looked similar to what happened to Andrea. Why would someone want to remember their Niece like that? Or did the person who killed the connected to the murder of Andrea?

Hart is probably a habitual Thug and may have been trying to get Naz to confess to killing Andrea so he could use it to get out of Jail or reduce his time. 

Seems Hart's time in the Cell Block could become that Naz asked Fred E. Knight for protection. 

But what will it cost Naz? Naz has to realize he can't trust anyone in Rikers. Everyone uses everyone. Plus Fred E. wants Naz around for intellectual stimulation and urged Naz to take the plea deal via the note on the novel (The Other Side of Midnight)...A story about someone possibly faking their death to be get free of their past. 

Also looks like John Stone will be back in the Driver's Seat as the Defense attorney...probably working with Chandra...Alison Crowe's protege or sorts. Also being used because of her ethnic heritage. 

John Stone finds out Andrea has had a history of drug abuse and has been in an out of rehab. He manages to get her records etc. 

John Stone also video tapes an argument at the funeral between Andrea's Step Father (Don) and some younger dark haired male.  A check was mentioned. They might have been arguing over insurance money.
But who was the younger dark haired male? 

Is the dead Andrea...really Andrea Cornish? Seems someone changed the rings on her fingers to the opposite hand. At least it seemed that way during the autopsy. 

Don Taylor (Stepfather)....when he first looked at the crime scene photos of Andrea....he claimed it was not her. Why???

Then he changed his mind when asked to identify the body. A red herring? Or was this not Andrea? A lookalike? 

Maybe this all boils down to an insurance scam. (Maybe) 

Note: The prosecution has not received blood results yet. This will probably change things. Also Naz is left handed...I'll bet the killer was right handed. The knife on the coffee table is probably not the murder weapon. Not enough blood on it and why would the killer leave the knife there and not upstairs in the bedroom. 

Where does Stone's  Eczema fit into this story line? 

Where does the Cat fit into this story line? 

Might update before Episode 5 to air this Sunday night Aug 7th. 

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