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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


8/02/16/ Dream posted on 6/22/16...about (6) weeks ago. 

Mysterious 'creepy' clown carrying black balloons is spotted walking at night around a Wisconsin city  

  • First sighting of the eerie clown figure took place at 2am on August 1
  • Photos of the mystery prankster depict a person in ghoulish circus makeup and a tattered clown jumpsuit  
  • Facebook fan page dedicated to the clown, nicknamed 'Gags,' has drawn more than 700 'likes' 
  • There have been multiple sightings of so-called 'evil clowns' around the US dating back to at least 2014 

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Original Clowns Dream Below:

6/22/16   6:28 PM CDT.


Hundreds of them. All shapes and all sizes. Very colorful. 

 They didn't look to happy. Vision faded.

This was more like a trance state vision. Dozing off toward sleep instead of in actual sleep.


1) Might have been shown a Clown Convention. Something might happen during a Clown Convention that becomes headline news in the near future. 

2) Clowns creep some people out. It is also possible that one or more individuals dress up as Clowns to terrorize a neighborhood as joke. This might be reported by major media. 

I would imagine someone would get clear video of some of those Clowns.

3) One or more individuals might dress up as clowns to commit a crime. Pull of a heist or rob banks...not limited to this type of activity. 

Not limited to those suggestions. 

In some manner Clowns (maybe one specific Clown) could become the center of a headline news story in the not too distant future. Possibly within 2016. 

I remember a movie from the (1988) called (Killer Klowns from Outer Space) It was funny but creepy at the same time. It became a cult classic. 

Another creepy Clown was (Pennywise) from the made for TV (IT) based on the Stephen King novel. Actor Tim Curry played that role. 

It will be interesting to find out why the inner guide conjured up Clowns. 

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