Alan Colmes Fox News Strategy Room interviews Patrick Scott March 4th, 2010 - Part One

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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Sunday, August 7, 2016


8/07/16  6:54 PM CDT.

Copenhagen Repeating (Could it be a Coincidence?)

How it started:

1) 8/02/16 (10:45 PM CDT.) Watching a movie called (Reptilicus) (1961). I recorded it and decided to watch it. Saw it when I was kid. This is the first time I have seen it since then. Cult Classic. More comical then scary. 
Many Sci Fi Screenwriters may have borrowed ideas from this movie. (Alien) would be one of those. 

The film took place in Copenhagen.

2) 8/6/16 (Sat.) (11 AM) Watching a movie from (1959) on Turner Classic Movies (Suddenly Last Summer) Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn and Monty Clift. Have never seen it. What a master class on acting. Not sure why I watched it. Believe it or not (Copenhagen) came up in the dialog.

Note: There was 4 days between the first and second Copenhagen Rep. It was the Copenhagen Clue today that motivated me to post this now.

3) 8/07/16 (Sunday) Suddenly decide to go outside to shovel some dirt into an eroded area on one side of my house. I had made no plan to do this today. I saw a weather report stating we were going to have very heavy rain this week so I figured I better fill this in now. 

I head out of the house about 3 pm. When I walk out of my garage I notice a blue piece of something in my yard. I don't pick it up until I finish my task etc. At 3:30 PM I go over to inspect the the blue paper prior to putting it in my trash can. 

Believe it or not: Someone had discarded a Copenhagen long cut mint smokeless tobacco package and somehow it wound up in my yard. I have kept it as proof.

What are the odds??? Out of all the things that could wind up in my yard...a Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco package in the stream of these other Copenhagen Repetitions. Never ceases to Amaze ! 

So this is why I decided to post this now...because of the eerie way this last Copenhagen rep clue occurred.

Do you think something wants my attention on Copenhagen?


1) Copenhagen (Denmark) could become the center of a high profile newsworthy story within 2016...maybe later in 2017.

Not sure how. Unless the how has already been posted from a prior Dream or repetition phenomenon. 

Of course most would probably think a lone wolf or terror incident might occur in Copenhagen. (I would not limit it to this)

Whatever it might would have to be something that would draw the attention of Global News Sources. Not a run of the mill news Event. 

2) The last clue occurred as the smokeless tobacco product (Copenhagen).

It is also possible that this specific product could become the center of a newsworthy story in the not too distant future. 

Not limited to those Copenhagen suggestions.

It will be interesting to see if it continues to repeat. 

Copenhagen could hold other meaning. It could make headline news in some other manner. 

Of course: all of this could be another of those mere coincidences

Only time will tell. I could be shown a separate fragment that connects to Copenhagen in some manner. 

The Country code for Denmark is (45)...Maybe this is heads up for the news Pick 2 Fla. Lotto game. Some combo of (45) might hit soon. 

What do you think this means?

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