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Alan Colmes Interviews Patrick Scott on Fox News Strategy Room May 28, 2009

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


8/24/16/ The Titanic of the Sky? Coincidence that this happened during a Mercury Retrograde Phase? This is huge Global News !
Stay away from new things during Merc. Retro. Between now and mid Oct. 2016...expect many High Profile Aircraft incidents..Keep in mind Donald Trump is a Gemini..born (6/14)...ruled by Mercury. The number (11) still repeating with very high Frequency (Daily). See if you can catch how often it is used in news headlines and on the local and national news. Many slips of the tongue occur during Merc. Retro phases. Dolly Parton had a funny one today on Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning...I'm sure it will go rhymes with Hits:)

What a bummer! 'Big ass' airship hits a telegraph pole and suffers cockpit damage just SEVEN days after its maiden test-flight (in the world's slowest crash)

  • 320ft long Airlander 10, nicknamed the 'Flying Bum,' made its maiden voyage last Wednesday
  • Plane, which can carry a ten tonne pay load, crashed at Cardington Airfield in Bedfordshire today
  • Airlander is on sale for £25million and will be able to stay airborne for five days during manned flights
  • Developers say plane can be used for surveillance, communications, aid delivery and passenger travel

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Original Blimp Dream Below: 
6/07/16  11:41 AM CDT.

Then something caught my eye in the sky. It was a blimpmoving slowly. (Looked like a vintage Blimp) Did not recognize a brand name. 

The word (Assassination) flashed on it's side. Suddenly the Blimp exploded with an echoing boom. Very loud !

2) The Blimp Dream Fragment

This is more than likely a separate dream fragment the DW decided to splice into the vision. 

I have posted a number of Blimp Dreams and Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon posts.

All of those have manifested into high profile headline Blimp newsworthy stories. (you can fact check all of those in the archives).

This could be one more. 

The DW will dramatize a dream to make sure I pay attention to the subject. 
This does not mean a Blimp/Zeppelin/Airship etc. will actually Blow up. But it could make news in some other manner. These Blimps have a tendency to detach from their ground anchors and Float off from time to time. 

Blimp etc might catch fire and explode in mid flight during the day and be caught on video. That would be horrifying if anyone is on board. (Might be compared in some manner to (The Hindenburg).

It will be interesting if Blimp etc starts repeating around me in word and image soon. 

In the past: The subconscious would use (The Hindenburg) as a symbol. It would put me into position to see or hear (The Hindenburg). You can find those Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon (Hindenburg) posts in the Blog Archives with the news results attached.  
Very possible that a high profile Blimp/Zeppelin/Airship headline news story is close to manifesting. This could happen within the remaining (2016)...maybe sooner...maybe slightly later in 2017. It does not feel that far off though. 

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