7/23/16/ Exactly 555...what are the odds !

Team USA Announces 555-Member Team for 2016 Rio Olympics

Original (555) Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon Post Below: 

6/04/16  5 PM CDT.

Coincidence Repetition Phenomenon: 555
Note: 555 hit last June 2015 on the Fla. Lotto Cash 3 game. Very possible this current set of sudden repetitions is a heads up they are due again in June 2016 on the Fla. Lotto Cash 3 Game. The last two times these digits hit were on the midday game. 

Timeline of Reps: 

1) 6/02/16 (Thurs.) (10:06 PM CDT.) Was in a pre show interview with Spaceboy and his wife Surlana.

I mentioned the Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts (1997) movie (Conspiracy Theory) to them.

This triggers Spaceboy to mention that is the only movie he has seen that did not use the classic (555) in the phone number of Julie Roberts character in the movie. 

I told them that I had just researched (555) on the Florida Lotto archives because I noticed it had been repeating. I told them it hit last June 2015. etc. To watch for it on the Texas Lottery as well. They live and Broadcast from Houston Texas. 

2) 6/03/16 (Fri.) 10:50 AM
Was up extra early. Posted the Carmen Electra Dream at 6:22 PM CDT. (Which produced a quick hitting same day as Dream Fla. Lotto Cash 3 Jackpot last night.)

After distractions delaying leaving etc. I finally get out of the house at (10:48 AM)

I drive to end of my Street (24th and Hwy 77). I slowly pull up on a car that is stopped at the light. On the back of the license plate is (555)I quickly jotted these digits down on my notepad. Now I know why I was delayed leaving the house. Or so it appears. 

3) 6/04/16 (Sat.) 
Noticed my phone headset was not working properly. I did not want to take a chance on using it for the Spaceboy Universe show tonight.

So I decided to go buy another one. I leave the house at11:45 AM CDT.

I made one stop at (11:52 AM). Left at (11:57 AM).

I was going to go to Best Buy first, but then changed my mind to Target (12:02 PM).

Browsed and found they had no headphone with microphone.
Left (12:27 PM)

Went to Best Buy (12:32 PM). They were out of headphones etc.

I'm near the mall and I think (Sears) might have them. I leave (12:40 PM)

Get to the south side of Sears and start to park when I see someone exit from the Sears that looks familiar. I want to make sure who it is before I say hello. 

This makes me have to pull around to where they are parked. 
I pull around and cut through an open parking space. When I do this I have to stop for a moment because of a car pulling by. 

That is when I notice an SUV parked to my left. I glance down at the license plate and notice (555) again!!!! (12:43 PM).

I grabbed my notepad and jotted this down. Then I look up to see the person who looked familiar drive by. It was a person who trained at my gym named (Danny). Bday 1/20. Now I know why the Inner guide had me drive around etc. So incredible!!!

Note: Ran into another person who trained at my gym yesterday at Walmart. Also Born 1/20...Hmmm! might need to pay attention to that date for Fla. Lotto purposes. 

Do you think (something) wants my attention on the (3) digits (555)???

But is it for Fla. Lotto purposes? Or something else

(555) makes me think of the Washington Monument. When I had (555) repeat like this in the appeared connected to the Washington Monument...that was before the Earthquake that damaged the Washington Monument. (555) was repeating prior to that incident. 

(555) could hold other meaning. (5/5/05) or (5/5/5). On that date the (3) digits (419) hit and the (4) digits (4560) hit. One or both of the those combinations could hit soon on the Fla. Lotto Cash 3 or Play 4 game. 

Not limited to any of those suggestions. It could hold other meaning. (555) could make news headlines in some manner in the not too distant future.
Anyone else noticing these (3) digits repeating?

It will be interesting to see where this leads. 

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