7/24/16   5:42 PM CDT.

Hydrogen Bomb

Dozed off late this afternoon for about 20 min's

Prior to waking up I heard an unseen voice mention....

Hydrogen Bomb !!! 

It echoed as I woke up. 


1) Hydrogen Bomb repeated around me toward the end of Dec. 2015.

Within a short time frame a major headline news story manifested about a Hydrogen Bomb Test in North Korea.
That news did happen in Jan. 2016. You can fact check.

Many sources felt this was a bogus statement by North Korea.

Hydrogen Bomb did make headline news regardless if it was a hoax by North Korea.

It is very possible that we may get a repeat of this type news in the near future. 

North Korea may announce they can prove they actually have a real Hydrogen Bomb. (Not Good News)

North Korea could also Test it soon. It is possible a News Video out of North Korea goes viral proving this. 

2) News about a Hydrogen Bomb (unrelated to North Korea) could evolve into a High Profile news story in the near future. Possibly within 2016.

Let's hope it is news about someone boasting they have one or may be close to having one instead of one exploding somewhere.

3) Always possible that a nuclear accident involving a Hydrogen Bomb could manifest in the not too distant future.

Also possible that some type of explosion could occur. A phenomenon of some sort that is compared to a Hydrogen Bomb Explosion. 

An example: A Volcano exploding somewhere. Or a Meteor or Asteroid exploding on impact or just before impact.

Any of those potential scenarios could spell doom to a populated area. 

4) News could also be reported about a past Hydrogen Bomb incident. Maybe some anniversary of a Hydrogen Bomb incident could become headline news.

Not limited to any of those suggestions. 

There has to be some reason this has come up now. 

In some manner Hydrogen Bomb could become Headline news in the near future. 

It will be interesting to see if Hydrogen Bomb starts repeating around me with frequency.

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