Go Kart Racing Dream

My Dream Character was racing around in and out of busy traffic. 

It was so real and exhilarating. 

This Go Kart must have been zipped up to travel this fast. 

I finally pull into this movie theater parking lot and notice this very long line to get into the theater. 

The Dream faded as I remember saying to myself....what movie was everyone waiting for?

No plans to go Go Kart racing anytime soon. It has been many years since I have driven a Go Kart.

I have to admit....the one I drove in the Dream was fun! So real!

It is possible the Dreamweaver is giving a heads up to a near future high profile newsworthy Go Kart incident story.

Someone might be caught on video racing a Go Kart through traffic on a busy highway or city street...possibly with Police chasing them.

Or news might be reported on a Go Kart race. Some record time might be set. 

Not limited to those suggestions.

Has to be some reason the DW conjured up this Go Kart Dream Sequence. Go Kart could become headline news within 2016...maybe sooner....or maybe later. 

Not sure what the long line at the movie theater might mean.

It's possible some near future film might become so popular that it creates lines of people waiting for the next viewing. (Something that has not been seen at movie theaters for many years)

Maybe they wait for advance ticket sales. Something you would not think could happen today.... being able to order off the Web etc.

The DW does not put anything into a Dream Sequence by accident. It is all about the interpretation. No guarantee that is always correct. This should make sense in some manner.

Only time will tell what will manifest from this Dream.

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