7/26/16 (Tues.) Based on one View of Episode 3

The Night Of/ HBO 8 part mini series/ Episode 3 (The Dark Crate) Plus

Ventolin...Naz's Ashtma inhaler med

Was held in POV on the prison form when Naz was being checked in.
Has to be a reason.

Note: Naz took a hit of his inhaler just prior to Sex with Andrea. Watch episode one again. 

The Cat comes up again. Could someone have taken it to Queens and brought it back?

The Cat the crossed the street behind Naz's Dad at the end of Episode one...looked like the same Cat...but maybe a Red Herring. 

Stone has a feeling the Cat and the killer might be related. Cat hair on the Killer? Or the killer ends up with an allergic reaction due to the Cat.

Was there any Cat hair found on Naz? 

10 days until the Cat is put to Death. Stone will hold that as a trump card. 

Interesting that the Cat being put into the holding area sounded very much like when Naz entered Riker's Prison.

Andrea was stabbed (22) times...same as her age. 
Coincidence? The killer had to know her age.

Stone has Naz poached from him by the High Powered Attorney...Alison

The other owners of the Taxi will more than likely put Stone back in the Driver's seat when they hire him.
Could Stone end up working with the Celeb attorney? 

Riker's Prison Kingpin (Freddy) offers Naz protection


What price?

Does Freddy know something about the Murder?

I try to view each episode (7) times. Will update later.

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