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11/19/14/ Jackpot!! Dream of Person I know from my Past posted on 11/8/14/ Results in Fl. Lottto Eve. Play 4 Jackpot...More Below

11/19/14/ Jackpot!! Dream of my Late Mother 11/14/14 results in Fla. Lotto Cash 3 Jackpot...Read Below

11/19/14/JACKPOT!! CONNECTED TO DREAMS OF MY LATE MOM AND DAD AND MYSELF/ COINCIDENCE? READ POST...From Yesterday(11/18/14)/ Fl. Lotto Cash 3 Jackpot Took only (1) day to manifest...make sure to read this case you bypassed it yesterday

11/19/14 NEW CELEB(JULIA ROBERTS) DREAM AND PEOPLE FROM MY PAST...Another Former Girlfriend and Mom etc...Read and possibly win Money

11/19/14/ JACKPOT!! DREAM OF FORMER GIRLFRIEND RESULTS IN...Fl. Lotto Play 4 Eve. Jackpot...Read more Below