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Monday, May 6, 2013


5/06/13/4:08 PM CDT.(Dreamcogntion afternoon NAP dream Post)(Remember this came from maybe a 30 min. NAP around 1:30 pm cdt.)

Very real and close up dream with a younger Dean Martin dressed in a Sailor's Uniform.(Bellbottom jeans/light blue work shirt and classic white Naval Cap)(Did not notice the shoes)


My dream character was in an old WW 2 type barracks. The open bay type barracks where the soldiers slept in separate bunks but in an open area so everyone could see everyone else. I'm sure you know what I mean.

I recall glancing at someone coming in the barracks door. Sunlight created a silhouette behind them until the door shut. He called out something to me. My name I think. It was like he knew me. Another Sailor walked in behind him.

Dean walked right over to me and looked exhausted. I could see his face was still carrying perspiration. He got up on a table to sit and talk with me. He seemed to be pondering his singing career.

He looked at me as what he could do to promote himself better.
I suggested shooting film footage to his songs. Like a prelude to the music video. I told him he could do several songs in a 30 min film. And could show this around to promote his singing capability.
He loved the idea. That was it.


1) Lotto connection: Dean was born on 6/07/1917 and passed on 12/25/1995. So all numbers would be inclusive over the next 30 days on the Fla. Lotto. (607/147/271)(1917/7204/2949)
from his passing(362)(1225/1995/3208) When he passed the lotto only offered Evening draws. (1225 and 1995) are the dates he passed. Hint: (The 4 digits (1225) hit twice last May 2012.) Could these hit again soon?? Very possible.

2) Some news about or connected to the late Dean Martin could manifest within 2013. Not run of the mill news. Something significant. Might even be connected to remaining family members or Jerry Lewis.

3) Why the navy outfit? Maybe channel surfing I come across a Martin and Lewis movie about the Navy. That Navy outfit was conjured up by the dreamweaver for some reason. Not an accident. Might be a time marker for me. When the movie is on one or more of those numbers will hit on that date. Or around this date. I have had this happen many times.

4) Maybe a significant news story about a Navy recruit breaks. Maybe his name is Dean Martin. Also maybe he sings. He could be compared to Dean Martin in some manner. Or it's some other type news. Dean Martin was born in Stubenville Ohio. Could significant news evolve from this location in 2013? Very Possible.

No Guarantee on any of the above.